Your Daily Appreciation List

Your Daily Appreciation List
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Ready to take the first step toward greater happiness? It starts with a daily appreciation list. It’s simple, really. Grab a notebook, or treat yourself to one of those “pretty” writing journals and dedicate it to this purpose.

Set the mood for this daily practice with some “quiet time” (see my May-June 2007 issue for tips). Allow just 10 minutes–morning, evening or whenever is convenient. I like to do mine in the morning. It sets the tone for the day. It opens me up to allow more appreciation and love in my life.

Next, jot down whatever you feel yourself appreciating at the moment, without getting hung up on any “right” order. Here are some examples:

– I am grateful for my wonderful home.
– I am grateful for my husband/wife/children
– I am grateful for the great weather we are having.
– I am grateful for my health and well-being.

You get the picture. The key is allowing appreciation to come from your heart. You can have the same things on your list day after day, but write them with feeling. Look at small things, too, such as the beautiful flowers blooming this time of the year.

I invite you to give yourself a 30 day “trial” to experience consciously being in appreciation. My guess is that you will see positive effects and naturally feel more happiness in your life. Now that’s something to appreciate!


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