Stress & Anxiety Relief Breakthrough Session

Stress & Anxiety Relief Breakthrough Session

“Stress & Anxiety Relief Breakthrough Session”

Discovery Session


Use this time to discover how to get out of feeling overwhelmed, anxious, and frustrated (and even hopeless) at this time in your life.

Stress & Anxiety not only feel bad, feeling chronically anxious and stressed is harmful to your health!

Get Relief from whatever is stressing and making you anxious, such as:

The residuals of the pandemic, excess weight, lack of exercise,  a smoking habit you want to get rid of, your work

 your finances, your children, your relationships and life in general!

Get Your Free Stress & Anxiety Relief Breakthrough Session NOW

Do any of these sound or feel familiar?

 You feel out of control as if you’re constantly spinning your wheels

You find yourself using food to quiet that negative “monkey mind” and bring some comfort

You feel tired, overwhelmed, indecisive, forgetful, and totally unmotivated to get any activity


You’re ready to have this year (and your life!) flow more easily, in spite of existing life challenges….

Schedule this powerful and amazing free 30-minute “Stress & Anxiety Relief Breakthrough Session”

if you want to

    • Get clear on what it is you really want!
    • Discover the #1 thing stopping you from feeling calmer and in control of your life!
    • Have a new understanding of how your stress and/or anxiety is harming you
    • Identify the most powerful action steps you can take to move you toward your goal
    • Complete “Get Relief Now” Session knowing exactly what to do next!


To receive this very valuable phone consultation so you can begin making those changes you desire!


You can simply call either of the numbers below

Contact Jackie at

Text or call: Cell: (425) 941-2051

to schedule your

“Stress & Anxiety Relief Breakthrough Session”

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