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Ready to Make THIS Year Extraordinary?

Ready to Make This New Year Extraordinary? It’s the beginning of a new year and it’s time to hit the refresh and reset buttons! I am totally in on looking forward to a “new” year, as so many people are-especially after the year we just had with the pandemic and all the political and social […]

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Overcoming Overwhelm

Overcoming Overwhelm Look in any thesaurus, and the synonyms for overwhelm are pretty awful: overpower, subdue, oppress, quash, engulf, swallow, submerge, bury, suffocate. None of those words are very inviting and certainly don’t have me rushing to sign up to experience any of them. I imagine you feel the same way. Yet, to anyone who’s […]

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Connecting to Your Inner Resources During Challenging Times

How are you doing during this global health issue? Life is definitely looking different than it was a few months ago that’s for sure! These are some challenging times for all of us! We are all experiencing daily challenges that perhaps none of us has experienced like this before and it can really trigger all […]

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