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The Holidays Used to Stress Me Out!

I used to get quite stressed and anxious around the holidays. It wasn’t because anything negative happened to me when I was younger or even as an adult at this time of the year. Instead it was more about the expectations I put on myself. I’ve always really loved the Christmas holidays. I grew up […]

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Tell Your Truth!

When you are thinking about making changes and when that feels scary, it helps to “tell your truth,” identify what are your fears, worries and concerns about making the change you want. By “telling your truth,” by acknowledging your feelings, your fears and the negative thoughts around change, you are positioning yourself to really “see” […]

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My Change Is Good for YOU!

I’m so excited to share some changes that are in the making for Healing Hypnotherapy. As I love supporting people in making changes, having more calm and ease in their lives and accessing their best selves in mind body and spirit, I want to be able to expand and reach more people. I’m doing this […]

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