My Change Is Good for YOU!

My Change Is Good for YOU!

I’m so excited to share some changes that are in the making for Healing Hypnotherapy.

As I love supporting people in making changes, having more calm and ease in their lives and accessing their best selves in mind body and spirit, I want to be able to expand and reach more people.

I’m doing this by offering more phone/Zoom/other tech access to doing sessions.

Clients will be able to have sessions in the comfort of their homes, without driving to Healing Hypnotherapy’s office. And, I can do sessions with anyone no matter where in the world they are. That is the beauty of technology!

I also want to bring to your attention that using hypnotherapy and hypno-coaching is more than just trying to “fix” something in ourselves…as we really don’t need “fixing.” What we all need-me included-is to keep releasing all what is holding us back from accessing and being attuned to our greatest selves.

Over the last year, I’ve worked with several clients that initially came in to “fix” something, but discovered in the process how using their powerful minds has allowed them to really let go of “stuff” that had been impeding their ability to be connected to their best authentic selves.

This has opened up doors for them to be more focused on “what’s next” for them. Using coaching and hypnosis and the many tools I use and teach while working with my clients, has up-leveled their lives to keep expanding and growing.

I want to keep doing more of this work: supporting people in tapping into and expanding into  their potentials—along with addressing “problems” obstacles, old limiting beliefs, being “stuck,” and more!

When we expand into our potentials, it doesn’t mean we won’t bump up against those “problems” and/or limiting beliefs while pursuing higher grounds, it means the goal or goals are now coming from a different energetic place to begin with.

In the previous article I wrote about how change can be scary. And, as I have focused on this expansion of my hypnotherapy-hypno-coaching practice, I certainly first encountered those same feelings.

I’ve worked through the steps I’ve outlined and more…and now I’m at the other side…feeling excited, exhilarated and ready to contribute more extensively.

I’d like to invite you to consider where/what area of your life you’d like to expand or grow into. It may feel a bit “scary” at first, but when we work through that, we open up to new possibilities, new ways of being and an expanded version of our best selves.

Here’s another opportunity to use the free phone session of Breakthrough the Challenge of Change.

Gift yourself this opportunity….and please, pass it along to your friends, colleagues and family.

I need your help in spreading the word that Healing Hypnotherapy is on a mission to support people in connecting in to their best authentic selves in mind body and spirit. It’s just a phone call away.

Click on this link to schedule or call: 425-941-2051

As the holidays are approaching, this is a great gift you can give yourself or others-the gift of being guided in being connected to your extraordinary self.

Watch the magic happen!

And, just to be crystal clear: I am still working with clients on all the many areas clients have come to work with me for in the past.

  • Support for Stress Relief-which is usually at the bottom of all “problems” and needs to always to be addressed anyway!
  • HypnoBirthing-for moms and their partners who want a more calm and instinctive birthing experience.
  • Weight Release: getting rid of excess weight and fat.
  • Motivation: to move/exercise, start a project; declutter a room/house
  • Breaking habits, like nail biting, hair pulling, smoking…and more
  • Finding “Hope” when dealing with a chronic illness or health issue in order to feel better and increase healing capacity.
  • Fears and phobias: getting rid of those fears and phobias that keep you paralyzed.
  • Whatever else someone wants to work on!!!

These are many of those types of “problems” or issues clients have used my services for and I will still be doing sessions for these-either in person or remotely.

Now that I’ve shared all I’m up to, I’d love to hear from you.

Your comments and thoughts are very welcome!

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