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    The COVID 19 pandemic, with all its negative implications to our health and stay at home restrictions, has brought many issues of fear, anxiety, stress, worries and immense uncertainties to most everyone in the world.

    Healing Hypnotherapy is still open to support you through these challenging times via secure private phone or video conferencing venues.

    Hi, I’m Jackie Foskett, owner of Healing Hypnotherapy. I specialize in stress and anxiety relief and am passionate about helping you feel safe, secure and well as you navigate your life in these very different times.

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    If you need more support, be sure to find out more by visiting Stress Relief Breakthrough Session for a free consultation.

    This is the perfect time to stop the fears, worries and anxieties from taking over your life and begin to create more emotional resilience.


    Stress Management

    Being stressed feels bad, yet stress has become so common in so many peoples’ lives now, it seems almost normal.

    Yet too much stress is damaging. It has numerous negative effects on our physical, mental and emotional well-being.

    Learn more about stress relief and stress management, as well as the Signs and Symptoms of Stress

    The Stress Relief Toolbox:
    For Women Who Take Care of Everyone but Themselves

    “The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone but Themselves,” by Jackie Foskett is a powerful resource book for women who are stressed out and have no time for their own needs. This book provides an array of quick and long term tools to get you the relief you need in order to have more inner calm and balance in your life.


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    Overcoming Overwhelm

    Overcoming Overwhelm Look in any thesaurus, and the synonyms for overwhelm are pretty awful: overpower, subdue, oppress, quash, engulf, swallow, submerge, bury, suffocate. None of those words are very inviting and certainly don’t have me rushing to sign up to experience any of them. I imagine you feel the same way. Yet, to anyone who’s […]

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