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Healing Hypnotherapy Your Stress & Anxiety Relief Specialist Welcomes you!

For the past 24 years, I’ve been helping clients with issues of fear, anxiety, stress, worries and overwhelm.

Healing Hypnotherapy is here to help you through any challenging times via secure private phone or video conferencing venues.

Hi, I’m Jackie Foskett, owner of Healing Hypnotherapy. I specialize in stress and anxiety relief and am passionate about helping you feel safe, secure and well as you navigate your life in these very different times.

Please be sure to sign up below to get a free audio so you can tap into a more serene place within you and begin to experience some relief and calm from all the stress, worries and fears that have been hanging on since we first learned of this pandemic.

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The Happiness Blueprint -
Is Happiness eluding you?

If you answered yes, unfortunately, you are not alone. Studies are showing that the collective “we” in our culture are getting more and more unhappy.

With all we have at our available to us, how can that be, you might wonder?

Why aren’t we happier, more content and joyful?

But, what if Happiness could be Your Constant Companion?

“The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment,”

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment,

Hypnobirthing Sessions

Reduce fear, tension and pain,
Having a more comfortable childbirth and a mindset that allows you to experience more calm and joy, can be yours with Hypnobirthing.


Mindset and Philosophy: Hypnobirthing is not just a set of techniques but also a philosophy that aims to change the way people think about childbirth, focusing on comfort and relaxation.

    Breathing and Visualization: Specialized breathing tools and visualization techniques are central to the method, aiming to bring the body and mind into harmony.
    Prenatal and Postnatal Benefits: The method not only aims to make childbirth more comfortable but also supports prenatal bonding and facilitates quicker postnatal recovery.
Hypnobirthing Class Series
Free Audio for Stress and Anxiety Relief
The Stress Relief Toolbox

Stress Management

Being stressed feels bad, yet stress has become so common in so many peoples’ lives now, it seems almost normal. Yet too much stress is damaging. It has numerous negative effects on our physical, mental and emotional well-being. Learn more about stress relief and stress management, as well as the Signs and Symptoms of Stress

The Stress Relief Toolbox:
For Women Who Take Care of Everyone but Themselves

“The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone but Themselves,” by Jackie Foskett is a powerful resource book for women who are stressed out and have no time for their own needs. This book provides an array of quick and long term tools to get you the relief you need in order to have more inner calm and balance in your life.

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