Free Gifts That Help from Healing Hypnotherapy!

Free Gifts That Help from Healing Hypnotherapy!

Welcome to Healing Hypnotherapy’s “Free Gifts That Help” page!

You’ll find a variety of audios that are short but powerful to support your mind and body in going in the direction of relaxation and ease.

There are also a couple of reports you can read which are designed to promote new ways of thinking that can positively impact your health and well-being.

You’ll receive the audios or reports by clicking on the links and entering your email and name.

You’ll also receive Mind Matters e-news a couple of times a month that will give you tons of tips, suggestions, strategies, and even more free gifts along the way.

Of course, you can unsubscribe at any time, but as Healing Hypnotherapy is focused on helping you find more calm, less stress, more happiness, less anxiety, and more joy in living YOUR best life in mind, body, and spirit, we hope you stay subscribed and reap those benefits.

Relaxing, Releasing & Letting Go

Give Yourself the gift of simply relaxing, releasing any tensions and stress, and letting go of your day or whatever needs to be let go.

Ready for a Refresh?

Refresh, Reset & Re-Connect Audio to support you in starting anew and reconnecting to what’s most important!

Taming Your Inner Critic

A Report on how to Stop that harsh inner critical voice that keeps holding you back!

The Happiness Report

Learn how to be happy “just because!”

Minutes to Relief, Calmness & Restoration

A short audio to stop the stress and anxiety in their tracks!

Relax In Nature Meditation 

This short relaxing guided meditation will allow you to relax deeply very quickly and connect you to the serenity and peacefulness of being in Nature.

Guided Meditation for Gratitude

This short guided meditation will lead you into the state of gratitude, lift your spirits and allow you to feel fulfilled and connected to your happiness.

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