Stress Management

Stress Management

Are “Normal” Stress Levels Actually Making You Sick?

Being stressed feels bad, yet stress has become so common in so many peoples’ lives now, it seems almost normal.

Yet too much stress is damaging. It has numerous negative effects on our physical, mental, and emotional well-being.

Demands, deadlines, and hassles can fill up a day, be all-consuming, and leave no room for any downtime, calmness, or joy. It can feel so draining and exhausting.

People experiencing lots of stress often get sick more frequently, because stress lowers the immune system.

Chronic stress can also cause serious health concerns as high blood pressure, heart disease, insomnia, depression, fatigue, exhaustion as well as headaches, muscle tension, and weight issues.

Whew! Not a pretty picture at all.

Stress can show up in many ways, sometimes even being sneaky, disguising itself as “normal”.

Do you recognize any of these “normal” feelings, behaviors or thoughts?

  • Feeling consistently overwhelmed by everything?
  • Frustrated by the smallest things?
  • Snapping at family members quite easily?
  • Forgetting appointments, where you put the keys, the kids’ lunches for school?
  • Feeling frantic a lot during your day?
  • You harbor secret thoughts such as
    • What’s wrong with me?
    • Why can’t I feel more joyful?
    • I’m a bad mom. I don’t have enough time to be a good mom and work at my career, too.
    • I won’t get that promotion, I’m not doing a good job because I can’t manage work and home well enough.
    • I’m incompetent.
  • Thinking that there’s never enough time in the day to get it all done?
  • Feel like the day is starting off on the wrong foot before you even get out of bed?
  • Have thoughts of running away from it all?
  • Lack motivation to do anything?
  • Overwhelm at a major life change, such as caring for elderly parents or children, marriage, divorce, financial difficulties, job insecurity, a move to a new home, etc.?

Don’t despair! Life doesn’t have to feel so stressed. You can get a healthier perspective, and a more empowering attitude.

You can cultivate a more calm and balanced world.

It all starts from within.

Hypnotherapy provides the help you need. Hypnosis works!

Call Now to schedule your free Get Relief NOW phone session!

Together we will chart the course for you to get on a new path that will provide immediate relief.

You deserve to feel good.

Stop letting stress control you. Take charge now by clicking here

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Here’s what some clients have experienced:

“I would encourage anyone who is dealing with stress or other issues to reach out to Jackie. My hypnotherapy sessions taught me how to calm myself down whenever I start to feel stress coming on. I learned how to address self-defeating thoughts that before brought on more and more stress. And, I’ve begun setting positive intentions as a way to start my day. It works! Most importantly, just knowing there is another way to deal with my stresses. I don’t need to wallow in the past, but I can make choices about my life from here”. D. Davis

“Jackie’s Healing Hypnotherapy is a wonderful way to gain deeper self-awareness and build skills to help improve your life in many ways. Jackie helped me to identify unhealthy thought patterns and perceptions, and helped me to create new ways of thinking and perceiving myself, my relationships and the world around me. This contributed to a greater sense of self, inner peace, overall improved health.” J. Tracy

“Through very meaningful work on a subconscious level, I feel that Jackie has helped me break through to a new way of looking at each moment with so much more grace and presence. I have become calm and confident in facing daily challenges now that before felt overwhelming and stressful. I can see success not just in my eating and healthy lifestyle choices but in so many other aspects of my self and attitude, as well as in my relationships with others. After just four sessions, I feel competent in guiding myself now towards the changes that I want to see within.” K. Canete

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