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Mind Body Connection: Stress Reduction Techniques for Overall Well-being with Jackie Foskett, RDH ~ from Beyond the Prophy®, Episode 63   It was an honor and pleasure to be interviewed by Jasmin Haley of Beyond the Prophy! Even if you are not in the dental field, I know there are some gems in here for you, too! Would love to hear your comments below!     Podcast Interview with April Mahoney of “On The Edge with April Mahoney” a Blogtalkradio program. Jackie Foskett from dental hygiene to hypnotherapy and the healing in between  

When you are thinking about making changes and when that feels scary, it helps to “tell your truth,” identify what are your fears, worries and concerns about making the change you want. By “telling your truth,” by acknowledging your feelings, your fears and the negative thoughts around change, you are positioning yourself to really “see” what can hold you back from making those changes. It can feel embarrassing to look at why you’re so afraid of making a change. But it is important to do it, otherwise, you might set yourself up for staying stuck!…

It’s National Relaxation Day! Perhaps you’ve never heard of this holiday…well, I hadn’t either until a few years ago. It fits perfectly into my passion to support more people in having less stress and more relaxation in mind body and spirit! Here’s some “fun” information I gleaned from the (in italics) I have added my thoughts! (non italic!) National Relaxation Day – celebrated on August 15th every year – is a holiday for people to take a break from their hectic lives and to smell the proverbial roses. On this holiday, people are encouraged…

How’s your summer going? Are you taking some leisure time? Getting in some play time? Are you in summertime mode yet? Would love to hear on the comments below! Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle area, we have had an amazing summer this year. Not too hot (until this week!) and no rain for quite a while. As summer keeps moving along, I find myself assessing if I’m really staying in balance in my life. Now, many of you know, I’m a big summer fan, which for me translates into “let’s play.”…

Breakthrough the Challenge of Change Get Relief NOW! If this is your year to overcome your challenges in having your best life or to Get Relief from the chronic anxiety and stress you’ve been  living with Then be sure to schedule your complimentary phone consultation. This isn’t any regular phone consult-I will take you through an amazing process that will leave you with a new vision, clarity and peace of mind. Sign up now  

Giving a gift that supports yourself or others in feeling more calm, rested and a designer of your life, is a gift that keeps giving. Check out Healing Hypnotherapy’s Store for an array of audio gifts that will make your shopping easy, stress free and will provide a lasting impact.   Currently only Instant Downloads are available for the month of December. Link to The Stress Relief Toolbox

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