Check in: Are you having fun?

Check in: Are you having fun?

How’s your summer going?Print
Are you taking some leisure time?
Getting in some play time? Are you in summertime mode yet?

Would love to hear on the comments below!

Where I live in the Pacific Northwest, the Seattle area, we have had an amazing summer this year. Not too hot (until this week!) and no rain for quite a while.

As summer keeps moving along, I find myself assessing if I’m really staying in balance in my life.

Now, many of you know, I’m a big summer fan, which for me translates into “let’s play.” But, this year, after getting back from an incredible journey in Europe in the spring, my husband and I have been confronted with tons of house and yard projects that were coming due.

Working in the yard has given me the outside time I so long for in our generally more rainy, cooler climate 8 months of the year, yet, it also has been a lot of work! At times it has seemed like we’d never get out to play.

Well, you know that word “never” or the word “always” can distort our perspective of what is really happening. The truth is I’ve gotten out to play, yet  when I find myself using those adverbs, I know I’m feeling a bit “out of balance” in my life.

I also know it’s time to visit my “toolbox” of tools to get myself feeling moreBook-2OPTINIMAGE-white background-

balanced-perhaps not always a 50/50 of work and play, but something that comes closer to that than 80% work and 20% play!

I’ve got lots of tools to choose from, so I play around and see which is going to work at a particular time.

Do you have a “toolbox” of stress relievers and self care?

I’ve got a great short quiz on life balance for you to take. Even though it’s still summertime and you may be out playing a bit more, this quiz will give you some perspective on whether or not your work-home-play life is in balance the majority of the time.

And, as it is summertime and as you may have a bit more time for relaxing than other times of the year, I’d say it’s the perfect time to assess how you will create your life during the rest of the year after examining your results from the quiz.

What practices, tools, and habits can you “install” now so you can feel more in balance, less stressed and have the clarity you need to keep the equation in your favor!

Also be sure to see “SAVE THE DATE” article, so you won’t miss out on what’s happening on that day in the not so far away future!

Save the Date!!-Canva Design

Cheers to a life of balance, harmony and feeling fully engaged!

Comments welcomed below!

Cheers to summertime mode!



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Comments (2)

  • Hi Jackie,
    glad to hear your having a great summer. This summer we’ve been staying close to home. Late September we will be going on a 19 day cruise to Panama from LA and back.
    The kids are taking me somewhere on my 70th birthday weekend from Friday at 3p,m to Sunday at 11 AM. I was told to save the weekend but no one will tell me where we are going.LOL
    Isabel (Mariana’s daughter) is 18 now and will coming to SF State on August 19th. All my grandchildren are growing up so fast. Where did the time go so fast.
    Sometimes I look in the mirror and am surprised at what I see. An older women with gray hair, but that is not how I feel, I have the body of a 70 year old but feel much younger.
    Well Jackie take care, sending you a big hug. Connie

    Connie Rodriguez
    • Hey Connie,
      It is always a pleasure to hear from you! Thank you so much for commenting on my blogpost!
      Wow-you are having such a special b-day coming up! I love what you say about how your spirit feels so much younger!
      That’s a wonderful way to go about life, isn’t it? I’m sure your close family, as well as your own wisdom, contributes to your youthful spirit and soul!
      Enjoy your Birthday weekend in a couple of weeks and especially your special cruise in September! Sounds like you’re having fun to me!


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