Lose Weight Safely with Hypnosis

Lose Weight Safely with Hypnosis

Discover the Real Reason Why You’re Not Shedding More Pounds

Do you find yourself:

Trying every fad diet that comes along to finally drop those extra pounds from your stomach, thighs, or rear?

Determined to exercise every day, only to find yourself making excuses & skipping out on those fat-busting workouts after the first week?

Feeling like a failure because you keep seeing all these success stories of other people losing tons of weight but nothing’s working for you?

Struggling over what to eat or not to eat?

Eating your favorite “comfort foods” to ease the frustrations you’re feeling at work, home, or school?

Fighting to control those never-ending cravings for sweets and other pound-packing goodies?

Overeating even when you’re full, and often ending meals with that gorged, painfully-stuff feeling?

Feeling deprived by all the calorie-cutting of “traditional” weight-loss plans?

The Real Reason Why You’re Not Dropping those Stubborn Pounds

In a word: stress.

Did you know stress could be why nothing is working?

Did you know stress can make you crave sweets?

Did you know stress makes you feel out of control with your eating?

Did you know stress can cause you to make poor decisions, overeat, forget your goals and feel really bad about yourself?

There are lots of studies connecting stress and weight issues. One of the biggest issue is how stress hormones cause the body to hold onto fat. On top of that, blood sugar levels are affected, causing cravings for those quick and easy comfort foods, which are usually nutritionally empty, yet high in calories.

This can lead to a cycle of crashes and cravings. Add on to that the comfort of eating when feeling stressed and you’ve got a double whammy of overeating and feeling upset afterwards, yet feeling helpless to stop.

It doesn’t have to be that way!

Hypnotherapy can help !

Change from the inside out with hypnosis!

Hypnosis works !

Find out for yourself.
Call now and get a free consultation to learn how:

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Healing Hypnotherapy’s Weight Release program will work for you.

Hypnosis connects you to your subconscious mind. It’s the place where you can go to stop the stressful thoughts and all the struggles and easily release the weight so you can feel good again.

Are you ready to:

Lose the stress that is undermining your efforts?

Gain freedom in your relationship with food?

Lose the struggle with dieting?

Gain enjoyment in moving your body for health and vitality?

Lose the feelings of frustrations, overwhelm and depression regarding your body, health and well being?

Gain control of your moods your food choices, and your overall health?

Feel calm and make healthy choices?

Feel good instead of bad about yourself?

Wouldn’t you love to:

Wake up feeling good and excited about your life?

Enjoy exercising or doing activities you love?


Lose that weight once and for all and discover how great you can feel now and for the rest of your life, without feeling deprived?

Lose the stress – release the weight
Feel good, in control and happy!

You deserve to feel good. It can happen now.

Give yourself this gift.

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Learn how you can release weight, get the body you were naturally meant to have and the peace of mind that brings real happiness starting from the inside out!

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