The Happiness Blueprint

The Happiness Blueprint

Is Happiness eluding you?

If you answered yes, unfortunately, you are not alone.
Studies are showing that the collective “we” in our culture are getting more and more unhappy.


With all we have at our available to us, how can that be, you might wonder?

Why aren’t we happier, more content and joyful?

We live in a world that blasts messages about when you lose weight, you’ll be happy, when you take that great vacation, you’ll be happy, when you get a raise, you’ll be happy, and so many other milestones that when we reach them, they’ll make us happy.

Yet we’re not.

Turns out all those things we have and do and the milestones we reach, only give us a temporary fleeting feeling of happiness.

It doesn’t last.

But, what if Happiness could be Your Constant Companion instead?

What if you could discover the blueprint to your Happiness and unlock the secrets to happiness and a fulfilling life that lasts?

It’s understandable that in today’s fast-paced world, the pursuit of happiness often feels like chasing a fleeting dream. True joy, that solid feeling of happiness, just seems elusive and gets overshadowed by the demands of daily life and the pressures of society.

Can you relate?

But what if I told you that lasting happiness isn’t just a distant fantasy?

What if there was a proven pathway to unlock the boundless joy within you now?

Introducing “The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment,” a transformative journey designed to reshape your understanding of happiness and equip you with the tools to cultivate it from within.

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment,

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment

I’m Jackie Foskett, hypnotherapist mind coach and founder of Healing Hypnotherapy.  I’ve worked with clients for over 20 years who have struggled with feeling stressed, anxious and depressed with their lives.

When I ask them what do they want to feel and how do they want to be in their lives, almost everyone says they want to be happy. Simple. They just want to be happy.

When they use the strategies and tools that I share with them for creating their own happiness, they see amazing results.

They feel happy.  

They don’t necessarily go around with silly grins on their faces all day long, but…they have a solid foundation of happiness and joy and are connected to it.

So, no matter what ups and downs life presents, they can handle it and no longer go into despair.

Wouldn’t you like to learn how to do that, too?

To be honest, I didn’t start out in the world knowing all this.

I had to learn that happiness wasn’t about reaching x, y or z in order to be happy.

It was a journey that took me many years.

Sometimes it was quite challenging to get the right mindset and stay committed to my happiness.

I had to overcome the tendency to think my happiness depended on external circumstances.

And, through all my explorations and personal growth, I discovered that there truly is a “blueprint” to happiness.

It’s something that anyone can follow to create their own happiness.

I don’t go around with a silly grin on my face all the time, nor do my clients, but having a foundation of happiness means that I can rely on it to have a life that is engaging, vital and where I thrive, not just survive.

And, that’s what my clients tell me they’ve discovered as well.

Wouldn’t you like to obtain a blueprint that you can easily follow and create your own happiness?

Wouldn’t you rather be thriving instead of surviving?

I’m betting you would.

And, now I want to help you do that with this e-book course:

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment

Through this course, you’ll embark on a journey that goes beyond temporary highs and lows and discover the essence of true fulfillment.

With a blend of ancient wisdom and modern science, you’ll explore:

  • How to Identify and Break Free from Barriers:
    • Uncover and dismantle the invisible obstacles that have hindered your happiness journey.
  • How to Use Practical Tools to:
    • Shift your mindset and elevate your daily experience.
  • How to Design Your Unique Path to Happiness:
    • Craft a lifestyle aligned with your values and passions, fostering genuine joy and balance.
  • How to Build Resilience and Connection:
    • Learn to navigate life’s challenges with grace and cultivate meaningful relationships that amplify your happiness.

Experience Happiness Like Never Before

“The Happiness Blueprint” isn’t just a course—it’s an immersive experience that will revolutionize the way you approach happiness. You’ll not only learn about joy; you’ll live it, breathe it, and integrate it into every aspect of your life.

Ready to Step Into Your Happiness?

If you are tired of chasing happiness,


If you are done struggling to find joy and meaning in your life,


If you are ready to make Happiness a permanent companion in your life, and embark on a journey to a happier, more fulfilling life…  

Then, “The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment” course is for YOU!

Discover the joy that awaits. Awaken your happiness now with The Happiness Blueprint!

It’s hard to put a value on something this significant, because having a blueprint for happiness that you can use for the rest of your life is in valuable.

But for now, you can get have this incredible blueprint to guide you in creating YOUR happiness….

For $27.00!

Go ahead, tap into your inner Happiness right now! It’s your time!
I’m so excited for you to start on this journey to your happiness!
Listen here! 

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