Mommy Re-Boot Audio Package

Mommy Re-Boot Audio Package

Time For “Mommy Re-Boot”

Time For "Mommy Re-Boot"

Whether you are a new mom or you’ve been a mom for a while, you know that motherhood demands a lot from you.

It’s natural to feel overwhelmed, exhausted, unappreciated, frustrated and tired of it all!

These audios will support you in “re-booting” your mind, your body and your emotions.

Some of these are genetic to any time you simply need to sit quietly and relax.

Others are specific to feeling overwhelmed, or having doubts or getting better sleep.

All audios are relatively short-no longer than 25 minutes and as short as 12 minutes.

As a hypnobirthing educator for over 20 years, and a Stress & Anxiety Relief Specialist, I know how important it is for moms to get some needed quiet time and listen to something that will take their minds off all they do as a mom for even just a while.

I have heard so many times from my hypnobirthing moms that they love hearing my relaxing and soothing voice while practicing for their hypnobirths and how they even listened to some of their hypnobirthing audios afterwards when they were getting up in the middle of the night.

So, I’ve compiled some of my best audios for relaxation and have created new ones just for the mothers of the world!

I know they will give you a needed “re-boot,” re-set and a re-fresh of your spirit, your thoughts, and your mood so you can be present and savor this time of your life with joy, instead of feeling depleted and worn out.

I am including a very special audio as a bonus: Relaxation Audio When Feeding Your Baby, which can be used by both parents.

There are times when either one of you needs to get up and feed your baby and although you don’t like to think you might feel resentful, agitated or any number of emotions that aren’t positive, the truth is you may very well feel these emotions.

That’s why you need this special audio!

When you can listen to this soothing audio while feeding baby, not only will it calm and ground you or the baby’s other parent, it will benefit your baby as well.

And, that’s why I want you to have this Bonus audio. It’s so vital for your family.

So, take advantage of this great deal to get the re-boot you all need to be present to your best life being a Mommy, a parent and all the other roles you play.

Listen to one each day and you will definitely notice a change in how you view your life as “Mommy.”

Here’s what you get in this “Mommy Re-Boot” package of 7 Audios plus a Bonus audio that will benefit both parents!

  •  Minutes to Relief, Calmness & Restoration to Come Back to YOU!
    • This short 15 minute audio will give you the reset you need to get centered and back on track!
  • Guided Relaxation for Your General Health & Well Being to Give Your Body & Mind Relaxation It Needs!
    • Listening to this audio will promote those endorphins, those feel good hormones, which support your overall health!
  • Releasing Self-Doubt About Motherhood & Connect Into Your Nurturing Self
    • This short audio guides you through a short process that will disconnect you from any limiting beliefs that may interfere with your confidence about motherhood and connect you to more powerful beliefs to nurture yourself and your child.
  • It’s Time to Relax and Give Yourself a Get Away!
    • When you give yourself some relaxation time, you give yourself the gift of a short get away to refresh and renew!
  • Relax Into Sleep To Re-Boot Naturally
    • Get the sleep you need, naturally, when you listen to this audio. Not only will you sleep well, but you’ll wake up refreshed and ready for whatever your day brings!
  • Overcoming Overwhelm in Motherhood & Regain Your Joy in Life!
    • Motherhood is demanding. It requires so much of you. This audio will ground you and re-connect you to your innate joy. Listen often!
  • Honoring the Nurturing Spirit Within You-Your Anchor to Love!
    • This short and sweet audio will fill you up with love and gratitude, anchoring this expansive feeling within your entire being!

Bonus Audio!

  • Relaxation Audio for Mom or both parents while Feeding Baby
    • This is an excellent audio to connect and bond to your baby no matter what time of the day or night it is!

For a limited time, this package of 7 digital audios, plus 1 bonus audio is only $35.00

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