Summertime Mode Program

Summertime Mode Program

Summertime is most often associated with relaxation, more leisure time and fun.

Unfortunately, that is not the case for so many people.

If you are:

  • struggling with a busy schedule
  • trying to navigate your work world with the world of children off from school
  • feeling stressed and anxious trying to do it all
  • feeling anxious and distressed due to the current climate of strife and discord in the world,

If you are experiencing any of these, instead of feeling carefree and light, this is the program for you.

It’s short, sweet and easy!

And, it’s customized to YOU!

In just 2 sessions, you will have the resources to find that “Summertime Mode” within you, no matter what is going on in your life.

You will have experienced and anchored into your body, mind, emotions and spirit what “Summertime Mode” feels like for you.

You will know how to keep this feeling state alive in you, no matter what the external circumstances are.

And, you will complete knowing what is the best inspiring actions for you as you move through the rest of the year.

Additionally, not only is this program for cultivating a “Summertime Mode,” but it can help you with all sorts of things that will support you in feeling more relaxed and ready for summertime in your life.

Maybe some of these may be areas you are feeling like you could use a bit of a booster:

  • Perhaps you are feeling stuck in some area of your life
    • This program not only can help with getting you started on that, but ground you in tools to move forward-and still have that enjoyable summer spirit prevail!
  • Maybe you’re ready to have some tools to calm those consistent anxious thoughts that your mind keeps persisting in giving you…
    • This program can support you with that, too.
  • Or maybe you are ready to feel motivated to exercise more, yet still want to have a relaxing summertime attitude-
    • Then this is for you, too!
  • Ready to eat in a manner that supports your best healthiest body weight?
    • This program will get you started.

This short, sweet easy program is designed to be easy for you so you can really enjoy the summertime of your life.

You will have access to this program remotely by Zoom, so no need to get into your car and spend that expensive gas!

That is definitely easy!

And, to make it really easy to say yes to YOU, the fee for this program is extra sweet, too!

Enroll now for only $247.00.

That’s a savings of about 50% from regular session fees.

Just as those special summer fruits aren’t around for a long time, neither will this special program and its sweet fee, so I’d jump into the proverbial waters now and take advantage of this Summertime Mode Special.

It’s easy, it’s sweet and you’ll be in the Summertime groove in no time at all!

NEW: As an added incentive, you may use these sessions up to December 31st.

But, you need to purchase them by July 27thnewly extended: Friday, July 29th.

So, if you’re thinking this might work better once the Fall busy-ness sets in, then by all means, plan ahead to get the support you need by purchasing 1 or 2 sets of this “Summertime Mode” Special!

Once you pay through the shopping cart, I’ll have your information to contact you so we can get your scheduled as soon as possible.

Make it easy!

Enroll now for only $247.00

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