NewKey Strategies to Shift Your Mindset Towards Positive ThinkingNew

Key Strategies to Shift Your Mindset Towards Positive Thinking
Key Strategies to Shift Your Mindset Towards Positive Thinking

Ready to Think More Positively?

If you were forced to choose one outcome over another, which of the following would you select: to be stressed out or to be joyful and happy?

Silly question, eh? I’m betting you would choose to be happy. We strive for happiness because of the good feelings that happy, joyful experiences give us.

Despite our best efforts, carving out or tuning into our happiness is sometimes tough. Life is often hectic, and it isn’t always fun. Getting ready to go to work may fill you with dread if you don’t have an enjoyable job or career, or you may encounter regular stress and unhappiness in any other aspect of your life.

Luckily, embracing positive thinking can trigger a physiological process that leads to happiness. There’s a lot of science on how this works, but here’s the process in its basics.

Your brain and nervous system respond to positive thoughts by sending feel good hormones out. Negative thoughts trigger stress, anxiety and feelings of  unhappiness. So, when you create positive thoughts, you have a better experience, naturally.

Here are some proven strategies for embracing positive thinking to elicit more joy, happiness, less stress, anxiety and frustration.

Practice Self-Awareness

Monitoring the thoughts that pass through your mind allows you to shift your focus towards more constructive and optimistic perspectives.

You can tell yourself “STOP” when you find yourself in a negative thought spiral.  Or, you can ask yourself: “Is that really true?” Sometimes we can get caught up in the tunnel of negativity and think all those thoughts are true, when in reality, they often are our made up “stories” in our mind that have taken the wrong turn!

Over time, monitoring and redirecting your thoughts will become second nature where you can quickly turn those negative thoughts around to more positive ones that builds on your foundation of happiness.

Celebrate Victories Both Big and Small

Celebrating big and small wins is a fantastic way to infuse positivity into your life. Acknowledging your achievements, regardless of size, reinforces a sense of accomplishment and boosts your self-esteem. It also encourages a positive mindset, as it trains your brain to focus on success and progress, fostering a continuous cycle of motivation and happiness.

Choose Positivity

While you may not always have control over external circumstances, you can choose your internal state of happiness. Your attitude and outlook on life play a significant role in shaping your overall well-being. By focusing on the positives in your life, you can shift your thoughts to be more positive.

Embrace Gratitude

This age-old positivity booster has been effective for countless generations, and it’s nothing short of magical. The principle is simple: the more gratitude you express, the more reasons you’ll find to be grateful.

Being in the state of gratitude fills us up with joy. We can’t be in a state of lack. Being in a state of lack can produce anxiety and stress, which aren’t conducive to feeling happy or having positive thoughts. Regularly practicing gratitude shifts your perspective towards a more positive outlook on life and gets those feel good hormones circulating!

Utilize these tips as they will guide your mindset toward positivity and away from negative thinking. The result will be an increase in happiness and joy.

In Gratitude-here’s my gift to you:

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