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How Emotional Resilient are you?

Emotional resilience is the ability to successfully cope with change or misfortune. Even when afraid, resilient people respond to life’s challenges with courage and emotional stamina. While we can’t always control what life brings, we can use adversity as an opportunity for growth. Respond True or False to the following statements to discover how well […]

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Summer Support!

In July’s Mind Matters, I offered you some resources to support you in keeping in the summertime mode: Audios! Listen to relaxing guided hypnosis while creating new neural pathways in your brain for your health and well being. This month I’ve added in a special summer discount on the downloads, too! WooHoo! Each download/mp3 is […]

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Summertime Mode Adventures!

Summertime Mode Adventures! In my book: The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves, 2 tools for cultivating self care and long term stress relief are “tools” that will support you in having adventures this summer. Try this: Get out in Nature! To make it an adventure, engage your creative […]

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Tolerations: A Great source of stress!

What do a boss who’s always yelling at you, your mate’s over-spending habits, a cluttered house or office, tight shoulders and a ho-hum (or bad) relationship have in common? They’re all tolerations, those little or big things we put up with-often without realizing it-that sap our energy and drain our life force.   Every time […]

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