Stress Relief: Journey to Calmness

Stress Relief: Journey to Calmness

Stress Relief: Journey to Calmness Audio:

4 tracks to support you in having more calm and less stress in your daily life.

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This audio will give you the peace of mind and ease you need to navigate your life with more ease, clarity and calm.

You no longer need to react negatively to external stresses.

When you listen to  Journey to Calmness, you will instead cultivate a deep inner peace that guides you to responding in healthier ways that supports your mind, body and spirit to be your best self.


Intro Track-Listen to learn how stress relief is so necessary to your health and well being and to understand how all the tracks will support you in bringing more and more calm into your life.

Track #1- is a short audio designed to get you relief quickly.  Simply sit down, take a few deep breaths and this guided relaxation segment will give you the relief you need while bringing you back to a wonderfully restored state of health and well being.

Track #2-is a longer audio that takes you on a very special healing journey.  You’ll feel like you’ve been on a mini vacation.

You’ll come away not only feeling fully relaxed and restored, but also with a new mindset and new neural pathway connections for responding, thinking, and being in stressful circumstances.

You will now have new learnings to take charge of your responses, instead of the events controlling you.

Track #3-is a track of Affirmations.  These affirmations can be listened to anytime, you do not need to be in a relaxed state to receive them.

They can play in the background and be making an impression on your mind on how you want to think.

You do have choice over your thoughts.

By having an arsenal of powerful positive thoughts to counter-act the old habitual negative ones, the easier it is to have mastery over your life and all the circumstances it presents.

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