Weight Release with Ease-Audio-Info-To Buy

Weight Release with Ease-Audio-Info-To Buy

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Weight Release with Ease Audio

Looking for consistent support on your weight-release journey?

Listening to audios designed to change your mindset from old habits that don’t work, to a mindset that provides the right programming to be successful, is key when you are wanting to get rid of excess weight and become the healthiest version of yourself.

This audio “album” has 3 different tracks to support you in having the mindset to achieve your best healthiest happiest body, mind, and spirit!

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The 1st track is a short guided relaxation that can be used to simply relax and let go of tension, stresses, and worries in a short period of time.

The 2nd track is a more lengthy journey into the imagination using metaphors that allow your unconscious mind to be in a place to accept all the suggestions that are in alignment with your goal of being your best healthiest self and body.

The 3rd track consists of affirmations only.

            • You can listen to this track by itself or with any of the other tracks.
            • The beauty of this track is that you can listen to it anytime, even when driving!
            • It gives your mind the right self-talk that is conducive to choosing wisely for your weight release goals.

When you continually listen to suggestions that are in alignment with your goals, as well as cultivate positive feelings, visions, and thought patterns about that goal, you set yourself up for success.

Isn’t it time to form the habits that will work for you, not against you?

When you purchase this Weight Release With Ease Album, you will be creating new ways of thinking and behaving that will support you in the right direction!

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Price: $15.00

For other payment options, Contact Jackie:

Phone: (425) 941-2051


Email: Jackie@JackieFoskett.com

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