Simple Exercises to Enhance Your Joy Every Day

Simple Exercises to Enhance Your Joy Every Day
Simple Exercises to Enhance Your Joy Every Day

Make Happiness a Daily Habit: Simple Tips for Joyful Living

On February 2, 2022, CNN published a blog post titled “American Happiness Hits Record Lows.” It reported the results of a Gallup poll, which showed that only 4 out of every 10 adults were satisfied with their lives. More recent research shows similar findings in other countries as well.

Time isn’t guaranteed to us, so doesn’t it make sense to spend as much time as you can happy rather than stressed out, frustrated, filled with self-doubt, and a poor self-image? The following tips or “exercises” can lead to more happiness. Give yourself the gift of joy by getting started today!

Schedule Relaxation

For most of us, life’s daily responsibilities can encompass a wide range of tasks that aren’t all things we want to do, yet need to do. So, why not consider incorporating activities you desire to experience as well?

When you plan to incorporate some small moments of relaxation and peace into your day, you are enhancing your happiness.


Here are some “exercises” you can do:

Spend a few minutes meditating. Enjoy a funny video clip. Listen to your favorite music. Adding relaxation practices to your daily schedule rather than just hoping they appear, will create more ease and joy in your day.


Create an Impenetrable Defense System

People seek self-help and self-improvement content so they can create better lives for themselves. Often, the message is to push out negative thoughts. That is definitely helpful, but it can be more advantageous to create a better system.

When you intentionally focus on more positive content in your life, you are building a “force field” around your mind and emotions that stress and negativity can’t defeat.


Here are some simple exercises that will keep you constructing that “force field” of positivity:

Watch videos and listen to podcasts covering personal development, happiness, and joy. Listen to audiobooks that make you feel good. Spend time with people who also want to be more focused on positivity, rather than negativity.

The more focused you are on positivity, the better you feel and stay connected to your happiness and the less negativity can enter your mind.

Get some physical activity daily

One simple and free way to gain more joy and happiness is to incorporate exercise into your day. It has been proven repeatedly that physical activity flushes toxins and other waste from your body, as well as enhances your overall mood and health. Bodies like to move! And, the benefit of physical exercise is it naturally produces those feel-good chemicals that crank up positive emotions and feelings. I think we all want more of that, right?

Here are some physical exercises you can do:

Walking. It’s simple, even if you’re new to doing physical exercise or it’s been a while, if you don’t have any physical limitations, you can walk in a park or around the block in your neighborhood.  Or perhaps you might like to dance to your favorite music in the privacy of your home. Yoga is a great way to stretch and tone.

These days, there are many classes for all sorts of physical activity that can be found online and in your community.  Whatever type of activity works for you, be sure to find some way to move your body daily and connect to your innate joy.


Those positivity-pumping chemicals that were just referenced, are also produced when you connect with others and socialize.  Research shows when people are socially connected, they tend to have better mental and physical health and are more resilient which naturally lays the foundation for more happiness.

Here are some other things you can do:

Spend time every day interacting with people that put a smile on your face. Facetime or Zoom with loved ones or friends who live a distance away. Talk to people at the grocery store -even “small talk” brings that connection that human beings ultimately crave.

These are simple tips to integrate into your life to keep connecting into your happiness. Commit to making time to practice them daily and you will experience the benefit of more happiness and overall emotional wellness.

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