Why is change so scary?

Why is change so scary?

Fall is the season of change. As I look out my window each day, I can see the subtle and not so subtle changes taking place.

Leaves are slowly changing their colors. They are getting ready for the time when they will let go and descend down to the ground to transform into mulch or simply disintegrate.

The air is beginning to become more crisp and we are starting our rainy season here in the Northwest. Yes, change is in the air!

It’s the cycle of change that Mother Nature goes through every few months. And, it’s natural.

There may be times when the weather and atmospheric conditions present more of a challenge for her, and her timing may get off a bit, but she doesn’t get stopped, she’s not afraid…she keeps making her changes. She knows what needs to happen. And, it gets done.

We human beings often forget that we too are constantly changing just like Mother Nature. We get this forgetfulness because so many of our changes are happening on the physiological level- “behind the scenes,” and out of our immediate awareness.

And, because these types of changes are out of our conscious awareness, we frequently find that when we even think about making any conscious changes it’s downright scary, intimidating, and certainly not natural!

Why is that?

Without getting too complicated, let’s just say we are “creatures of habit!” We are comprised of biological and neurological systems that we have been training to think, feel and behave the same way due to repeating the same thought patterns, behavioral patterns and emotional patterns.

There’s nothing inherently wrong with the way we’ve programmed ourselves, except when it keeps us from opening up to new opportunities, experiences, behaviors and thoughts.

So, how do we stop making change so scary and hard?

#1-It’s important to first know the “why” underneath the desire to change.

For example: If you are wanting to get rid of some excess weight and fat on your body, and if you aren’t connected to why it’s important to you, you will most likely be very challenged to meet your goal.

If your “why” for getting rid of that weight is for you to be healthy, to have more energy to do those things you haven’t been able to do, which will give you to more joy, and allow for you to have more fun, and feel confident in your ability to take care of yourself, then you are going to want to make the changes you’ll need to make for your body to release the excess weight and fat.

#2-Bring mindfulness into your everyday life.

What does that mean? It means being aware of your thoughts, your self talk, your behaviors and emotional responses that aren’t working for you or said in another way-aren’t in alignment with creating the changes you want.

For example: If you are constantly telling yourself how hard it is to lose weight, it will be hard. That kind of self talk doesn’t work in your favor. It’s an old repetitive story that will keep playing out to the same end, unless you change the conversation.

  • Take 2 minutes to stop, take a few good deep breaths and ask yourself how you are feeling. Notice how your body feels and what thoughts are popping up. Just notice.
  • When you are in the quiet mind for a short period of time, you’ll “see” those thoughts popping up, you’ll become aware of those that are keeping you “the same.”
  • Talk to those thoughts: tell them that is not how you are going to think anymore. Tell them what thoughts you do want to tell yourself…such as I am focused on my healthiest best self now.

#3-Mentally rehearse how you are being, thinking, doing as the “changed you.”

Remember, we got to be the way we are by consistent repetition of behaviors, thoughts, and emotions. To make change not be so scary, all you need to do is act, think and behave as if you are already that changed you!

Pretend you are an actress/actor.

For example: If you are wanting to release 20 pounds of excess weight, as you get up in the morning, see yourself as someone who is 20 pounds lighter.

Think of how someone who consistently is that weight/size eats, behaves, thinks even! Feel all of the emotion that goes with the “role” you are playing. Make it real.

Your subconscious will respond accordingly and do the “behind the scenes” work it knows how to do, while you are doing the conscious ones.

Together, your conscious and subconscious make a powerful team working to elicit these changes.

Change does not have to be scary when you take these steps.

Having support in taking these steps can be the difference in following through or not.

I’d love to help guide your conscious and subconscious mind in playing the role that best suits you, whether it is for weight release, stress and anxiety relief, health issues or getting rid of old non-serving habits, to create the changes you desire.

Go to https://healinghypnotherapy.com/breakthrough-the-challenge-of-change/ and sign up to get scheduled for a free phone consultation to get clarity for any changes you are wanting to make.

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