Manifest Your Dreams—Vision Boards

Manifest Your Dreams—Vision Boards
by Jackie Foskett, CH

A vision board is a powerful tool for creating clarity around what you want to create in your life. It helps make your dreams come true. It assists you in attracting into your life the experiences you want, the “things” you dream of having, what you want to become, to do, achieve, etc. As you place images and words on your board, you are planting the seed(s). Just as a seed of a tree needs to be planted to ever become a tree, so too, do your dreams, because if you don’t plant them, they can never grow, they simply remain seeds.

When you create a vision board, you use images, words, stories that represent what you want.

Remember the Laws of Attraction? What you focus on is what you attract to you. Or, what you focus on is what you are drawn to , what you seek out. There is a part of the brain called the reticular activating system which acts as a filtering mechanism much like a Google search engine does. It only retrieves that which is relevant to your search—what you put out there for it to search for. By creating a vision board, you are telling your brain what to look for, narrowing your search, so to speak. Your powerful subconscious mind, which remembers billions of bits of information and never gets distracted like the conscious mind does, keeps “honing in” on what it is you need to match up with what you have planted on your vision board. The subconscious doesn’t try to figure out “how” to make it happen, it simply seeks out what matches the images planted.

Many of you may have heard of vision boards from the movie and/or book, “The Secret”. A client recently turned me on to the book “The Answer” by John Assaraf, who had a participated in the movie.

As I researched the book “The Answer”, I saw he also authored “The Vision Board Book” and knew immediately it was the book for me! I have since created my first vision board! I had so much fun doing it that I knew I had to share this with others in a Vision Board Play-shop! I also know, just as sure as spring is coming, that I have created a very powerful tool for my life.


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