4 Quick Tips for Choosing

4 Quick Tips for Choosing
by Jackie Foskett, CH

#1 – Choose awareness
Do you ever reach the end of your day and feel like it all went by in a blur? Chances are a lot went by unnoticed–including many thoughts and feelings that positively or negatively impact your happiness. By choosing to stop periodically throughout the day, you can heighten your awareness in this area. Simply take a moment now and then to ask yourself how you’re feeling. Frustrated? Sad? Angry? Joyful? Excited? Calm? As you notice your feelings, you can use them to “track” the thoughts that trigger them.

#2- Choose your feelings
Once you become aware of the thoughts that trigger your emotions, you can then choose how to react. For example, say you realize the thought of an upcoming presentation at work makes you feel anxious. Once you become aware of this relationship between thought and feeling, you can choose to either give in to stress or invite a sense of calm to take its place. Choosing some relief feels so much better than no relief!

#3- Choose your thoughts
Instead of thinking negative thoughts, choose to think positive ones. For example, when your upcoming presentation comes to mind, your habit may be to think “I’m going to be so nervous, I’ll forget what to say.” What if, instead, you think “I’m excited about my material and I feel prepared to share it.” Did that thought improve your feeling? If so, it’s working to bring you into alignment with greater happiness. If not, try other thoughts until you feel better. The thoughts do not have to be on a grandiose scale, they only need to offer some improvement in how you feel.

#4-Choose your actions
Finally, choose actions that make you feel good. Going back to the example of your presentation, imagine you say yes to time for positive visualization before your presentation and politely say no to your co-worker’s request for a last minute meeting. By doing so, you are choosing to act in a way that is in alignment with feeling good.

As you play with these tips, you’ll discover how you really can choose your thoughts and feelings. By exercising choice, you will empower yourself, gain control of your life and feel happier as a result!

For further exploration of choice, I recommend:

The Laws of Attraction by Esther and Jerry Hicks
Ask and It is Given by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Amazing Power of Deliberate Intention by Esther and Jerry Hicks
The Power of Emotions by Esther and Jerry Hicks
Change Your Thoughts and Your Life Will Follow by Karen Casey
Creative Visualization by Shakti Gawain
The Biology of Belief by Dr.Bruce H.Lipton
Unlimited Power by Anthony Robbins


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