The Happiness & Continuous Learning Connection

The Happiness & Continuous Learning Connection

I recently was reading an article about values, what they are, how we acquire them and how they may change over time, too.

(Stay tuned for this great topic in a future article.)

It got me thinking what my values are. It’s not always an easy assessment, but when we look at what’s important to us, where we put our priorities, we can start to discern what those values are.
I realized one of my values is personal growth and learning.

From the time I was a teenager, I was curious about our connection to all things, how people interact with one another and why we do the things we do!

I explored early on and continued to learn through various spiritual practices, books, many courses, workshops and just interacting with other people.

“Lifelong learning” or continuous learning are terms to describe my personal growth and development path in my years here on planet earth.

It was a key factor in my desire to go beyond my career as a dental hygienist and get certified as a hypnotherapist mind coach over 24 years ago.
And, it has stayed a strong value for me as I’ve learned how to keep supporting clients throughout the years.

I would have to say that being happy or creating “Happiness,” is also a strong value for me. I’ve been continually learning what happiness means to me and how to keep building it.

And, as you may recognize if you’ve been part of my community for a while now, I’ve been promoting Happiness a lot.

I’ve held a “5 Day Happiness Challenge” I have a Happiness Report on my website and just recently I created an e-book course called:

“The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment.”

One of the ways to keep tapping into creating more happiness, is to keep learning.

When we are open to learning, we are expanding our own personal growth and development.

The next article is designed to stir up your desire to learn and grow and feel happiness more and more in your life-no matter what the external circumstances.

Enjoy and please let me know in the comments how you’ve embraced or plan to embrace more learning into your life for your happiness.


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