10 Signs You Are Stressed Out – Unlock Happiness: Your Blueprint Awaits!

10 Signs You Are Stressed Out – Unlock Happiness: Your Blueprint Awaits!
10 Signs You Are Stressed Out – Unlock Your Happiness Blueprint Today!
Like other human reactions getting stressed out is normal. The human body is capable of processing and handling stress for short periods of times.

Yet, being consistently stressed out is not normal and is detrimental to our health and well being.

And, it can be difficult to determine if and when you are experiencing too much or consistent stress, because after a while, it can feel “normal.”

Below are 10 signs that you may be stressed out and are missing the cues because it does feel normal or you attribute it to something else.

  1. Muscle Soreness: Tense, aching, or sore muscles is an indication that you are stressed out. When the body is put under a lot of stress, muscles tend to respond automatically by tensing up. This can cause body pain. Muscle soreness from stress can be present in the jaw from teeth grinding, the back muscles from tensing up, as well as in the neck, and shoulders.
  1. Sleeping Irregularities: Taking your worries to bed with you will only bring about restless sleep and in turn, make you more tired and more stressed. You many find you’re not getting quality sleep. This in turn may have you wanting to take long naps during the day or not be productive when you need to be.

Sleeping too much is also a sign of stress. If you find it almost impossible to get out of bed and start your day or you simply want to stay in bed all day, you could be experiencing symptoms of depression which is often associated with stress, overwhelm and anxiety.

  1. Headaches: If your head is constantly throbbing you very well may be stressed out. As mentioned earlier, when the body is stressed, muscles begin to tense up. This can literally happen from your head down to your toes. According to the Mayo Clinic, head pain from tension is very common. If you’ve been experiencing an increased number of migraines, or headaches, or you simply can’t make the head pain go away, you may be stressed out. Of course, you’ll want to make sure there are no other physical issues that can be causing these headaches, but oftentimes, they are stress related.
  1. Less Enjoyment: If you are finding less enjoyment in people, places, activities, or things that you normally like, you may be suffering from an excessive amount of stress. According to a paper published in the National Academy of Medicine, entitled, “Stress: Endocrine Physiology and Pathophysiology,” when a person is experiencing high levels of stress, the interaction between serotonin receptors and adrenal glucocorticoid (a stress hormone) interferes with our ability to stay motivated and enjoy pleasure. Off-balance serotonin levels produce biochemical inbalances that can lead to depression.
  1. Always Anxious: Are you constantly nervous, worrying, or uneasy about upcoming events or anything with an uncertain outcome? Worrying encompasses all those “what if” scenarios, which cause the stress hormones to get activated as if you’re in a fight or flight state. This can be a sure sign of being stressed out.
  1. Change in Eating Habits: A change in eating habits can be another indicator that you are experiencing lots of stress. According to Susan Albers-Bowling, “Some people overeat when they feel stressed, and other people lose their appetite. Those who stop eating are so focused on their stress that they don’t hear or tune into their hunger cues. Those who overeat are attempting to distract themselves with food.” Eating more or less than you normally would or a change in the type of food you’re eating needs your attention.
  1. Increase in Vices: Many people try to ignore or pretend their stressors aren’t there and engage in an excessive amount of gambling, drinking, drug use, or over eating. These are all indicators of stress.
  1. Not Being Active: If you are feeling less than energetic, don’t want to do any activity at all and want to do nothing at all, you are probably stressed, overwhelmed and maybe even depressed. Low motivation, low energy, and less activity are all symptoms of consistently being stressed out.
  1. Staying Plugged in 24/7: Being plugged into technology twenty-four seven, seven days per week, is a sign you may be stressed out. If you are feeling the need to be ready and available on social media, at work, for friends, and for your family, you may be distracting yourself from your stresses, as well as adding on to them by the fear of missing out.
  1. Neglecting Relationships: Humans are social creatures. We want to see, talk, and interact with other people. Pulling back from friends and families, wanting to be alone, and avoiding interactions are symptoms of stress you need to be aware of.

If you recognize any of these signs that you’re stressed out, it’s time to make some changes, wouldn’t you say?

As a stress and anxiety relief specialist, I find that the majority of the clients who want to make any changes in their lives are dealing with being stressed out.

Before they can make the changes they want, they need to identify how signs of stress are showing up for them.

And, then I teach them tools to calm the mind and body and cultivate a mindset that doesn’t allow the stressors to control how they feel and think.

Of course, as a hypnotherapist mind coach, I work with their subconscious mind on a deeper level to imprint all the learnings.

Additionally, when discovering these blockers to their goals, most clients express that their main goal is to be happy.

Isn’t that what we all want?

So many of the tools and mindset practices they learn, really are a blueprint to happiness.

When you cultivate habits, practices and a positive mindset to keep stress from dominating your life, you naturally are building a foundation of happiness for yourself.

If you’d like to learn how to start building a foundation of happiness for yourself, then you’ll want to get your hands on this new e-book course I’ve created with that in mind.

In The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment e-book course, you will learn and understand how you can create your own path of happiness.

This valuable course is worth 10 times more than what you will pay here.

After all, it’s a blueprint for your happiness. That’s worth a ton, don’t you think?

Remember last spring’s 5 Day Happiness Challenge? It was a hit and perfectly timed for Stress Awareness Month in April. Perhaps you joined us and experienced firsthand the power of creating your own happiness. Or maybe life got busy, and you missed out on the opportunity.

Regardless, in today’s world, with so much happening around us, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and disconnected from our inner joy. We all could use a little boost, don’t you think? And what if we could build a solid foundation of happiness, regardless of the chaos outside?

That’s precisely why I’ve crafted something special for you:

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment.

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment,

The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment

Take advantage of this opportunity to invest in your happiness at a discounted rate, and let’s unlock the door to a life filled with meaning, joy, and fulfillment together.

Here’s your low cost fee to happiness!:


Click here to get your copy now:

“The Happiness Blueprint: Unlocking Lifelong Fulfillment”

and discover the joy that awaits.

It’s time to awaken your happiness!

Warm regards,


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