The Stress Relief Specialist Gets Stressed!

The Stress Relief Specialist Gets Stressed!

Stress-I have to confess, I had 2 incidents recently that really stressed me out. Hint: look for the Tip included!

Yup, the Stress Relief Specialist got stressed out-enough so that I was in tears as I tried to explain a technical problem to someone who might help me.

I’ll just tell you about the one that hit me the hardest.

I had some serious issues with technology that affected how people signing up for my free gifts were getting them or weren’t as it turned out. They were suppose to immediately get a letter with the download link. I realized, after I’d been a part of the Empowered Living Gift Giveaway for over 10 days, that this wasn’t happening.

I felt awful. I was sure people who signed up and didn’t immediately get there gifts were thinking bad things of me and my services!

I was very stressed out about it.

I was embarrassed to the hilt!

Embarrassed monkey image

I took action immediately, called my email server and didn’t get any real solutions from the person who was suppose to help me. I asked to speak to someone else before I cancelled my subscription.

Well, he connected me right away to the billing department, which wasn’t what I was expecting, but I had an “angel” come on the phone. As I explained the problem in detail, I was having a hard time holding back tears of frustration.

She was extremely helpful and made sure I got to the right department to help resolve the issue.

It got resolved by a very competent person the following day, I sent out an apology letter to those who were affected…and it was a happy ending.

But, what is most important here-is that when I discovered the issue, when I got stressed, I allowed myself to be there-but only for a short period of time.
I knew I didn’t want to hang out in that energy of distress very long at all.
Yet, it was a real upset, not to be denied.

One of the first things I did was write out my upsets, an action that provided a way to let the stressful energy dissipate.

Next, I watched my self talk. I became acutely aware of any “victim” conversation and nipped it in the bud right away.

I then affirmed that the problem would be resolved. I laid down a powerful intention that it was solvable. It might turn out differently than I thought it was suppose to be, but I intended that the problem would be solved.

And, I knew I needed to be accountable to people who didn’t receive their gifts right away, so that’s when the apology email idea came through and I took the appropriate action.

I’m telling you this story to let you know, as I know You knowstress happens.

It even happens to someone (moi!) who is passionate about helping people out of their too busy, overwhelmed, feeling out of control stressed lives!!


Yet, a stressful event doesn’t have to ruin your entire day or the next days after.

There are tools-(and yes, I took many deep breaths and visualized success) to use. We don’t have to let distressful events take control.
We have the power to change things around.


I completely get why you might feel overwhelmed and stressed out because I too have experienced those feelings.
And, I know it can be changed around. I know by using some simple tools, you can get a handle on it and change it around quickly, just as I did.

I also know that it is extremely beneficial to have a good foundation of resilience already built up in order to continue going down the path of becoming less and less affected (or at least for any length of time) by upsetting events.

I’m forever grateful for all the inner work I’ve done in my life–and continue to do. I want to keep reaching out to new levels of engaging in my life so it is meaningful and purposeful to me.

I want that for you, too. I hope you want it for you as well!

With that note, and with summer officially here, please be sure to get in on the incredible free gifts available in the  Empowered Living Gifts Giveaway event before it ends in a few days.

There are many many gifts to support you in breaking apart old patterns of behaviors, finding more joy and engaging in your life in new and inspiring ways.

Before it is over, be sure to get there for yourself and pass the link onto to your friends and family. Pay the gifts forward.

I have 3 gifts that I know will support busy overworked women and moms to have less stress and much more joy and engagement in your life.

Additionally, if you are want to learn how have your own customized “Toolbox” for getting rid of those stressful/distressing events, let’s have a chat.

Even though, it’s summertime mode, I’m still doing one of the things I love to do: connect with you, support you and help us all be in a better world of more inner calm and joy.

When you sign up for a Get Relief NOW session, we’ll chat, I’ll take you through a very enjoyable process and you’ll know what’s next for you to do. And…it’s completely FREE!

So, take action now for YOU! The sooner you do, the sooner you’ll have more freedom to really get into the summertime mode of feeling playful, leisurely and just plain of good-without the nagging stressful thoughts trying to tag along on your summertime!

Here’s the link to step into your less stressed, more relaxed and playful self!

Love your comments! Please share below!

Happy Summer!

Jackie-Your Stress Relief Specialist

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The Stress Relief Toolbox: For Women Who Take Care of Everyone But Themselves

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