Summertime mode is back!

Summertime mode is back!

Yeah, it’s Summer!

It’s my favorite time of the year!
Somehow, no matter how long I’ve been around on the planet, and even though I no longer get an entire summer off like when I was in school, I still relate to summer as playtime, fun in the sun time, being outdoors and relaxing time.

I associate summer with time for leisure, time for letting go of the big to-do list and time that just disappears…..

I have happy memories of summertime where I grew up on Long Island being carefree and indulging in creative play and games.

Of course, as an adult, I don’t always have days and days of leisure time and having a business, seeing clients, teaching classes…still goes on even in summer.

Yet, it’s just as important for me to find as much leisure time, playtime, and downtime in summer even with my “adult” responsibilities. I’ve learned if I don’t give myself or listen to my inner child who loves that summertime mode, than I am not a happy camper.

What does summer mean to you?
What kind of memories do you have about summer?
What do you miss about summer that you might not do or have anymore?

Share your comments below!

Allow yourself to just drift in some pleasant memories of summertime and experience those feelings….it’s a great stress reliever!

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