It’s Easy to Forget…

Happy 4th of July to all American readers of “Mind Matters”


I’ve taken a bit of a hiatus from sending my e-zines, but please know I’ve been busy doing exciting work at Healing Hypnotherapy.

It’s easy to forget…how fast time flies when you’re doing what you love to do!

One of the great events occupying my time was the 21 Days of Weight Loss Mindset program I led to a group of women wanting to have the mindset of success for weight release, instead of the mindset of dieting.  It was so inspiring to see the shifts everyone made.

As long as I’ve been doing this work of supporting people in making positive changes, I still am so impressed how beautifully the mind supports us when focused on what it is we want, instead of what we don’t want.

It can be easy to forget to remember how powerful our minds are!

That’s why being part of a group with the same intention works so well.  The participation of each individual  to the whole group enhances the focus!

We get re-minded of our abilities to be who we want to be!

Isn’t that the original intention of the Declaration of Independence in the United States?

The forefathers of the US were focused on the ability of each human being to envision and create a life of meaning and happiness, not only as individuals, but as a whole nation.

It’s easy to forget sometimes to remember…just how capable we are of creating what it is we desire!

As we celebrate this day of Independence, my  American comrades, let’s not forget to remember how unique we are as individuals and how great we are as a country—no matter what the challenges may be.

When you choose to focus on what is great, you  keep the vision and the momentum for more great things to happen.

Wishing you a festive 4th of July, if you are an American.  If you’re not an American, then why not use the day to focus on what it is you desire in your life.

Keep the vision alive and the solutions will follow with the guide of your powerful mind!

One more thing: it’s easy to forget to remember….how good it feels to play!

Summertime is playtime in my book and those who have been following me for a while know I love this time of the year.

I call it “summertime mode“.

What will you be doing to be in the “summertime mode” this year?

What is it you want to create for yourself and your life over the next few months that will support you in feeling more playful, alive and full of possibilities?

I invite you to get into the spirit of playfulness and creativity by commenting below!

For more on “Summertime mode” check out these articles:


Wishing you to remember how great you are!




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