Your mind can be your battleground!

Did you know that the battle for health and fitness is waged in the mind?


It is.


No matter how many books you read about diets, or what kind of gym membership you have or how great of a calorie counter you are– if your mindset is going down the wrong path, all of these things become insignificant and you will continue struggling over and over again.


Repeating the same pattern…with yet another diet or fitness plan.


Losing weight, getting rid of excess fat and being fit requires a series of decisions.


In order to make decisions that are in alignment with your goal and produce a fabulous outcome, you need to have a certain mindset.


You need a mindset that will guide you during times when you are feeling great and it’s easy to follow your plan for having a healthy and fit body….and the mindset that will keep you on the right path during those times when you are ravenously hungry, tired, feeling vulnerable and just want to give up.


Your mind is a very powerful thing.

It can lead you down the path of success…..

Or it can take you down the same old rutted path of failure.


Because your mind operates under the directives it’s been given over and over again, and because your subconscious mind is running your body, if you don’t program your mind effectively, you will end up on the same old path of past failures.


It can be different!

“21 Days of Weight Loss Mindset”

will get you on the right path!


If you are one of many people who struggle in getting rid of unwanted weight and fat from your body, this program is for you because:

You’ve probably tried every known diet there is, figured there’s something “wrong” with you and now have just given up trying anymore.


You’ve been led to believe its all about calories in and calories out!


You always start out feeling excited about your plan, then lose your motivation.


You usually begin an exercise program, only to find you’re too busy to continue.


You’re too busy, stressed out, and attempting to lose weight is extra stressful.


And most importantly:

You don’t have the right mindset needed for successful weight loss!


It’s not your fault.  It’s not what you’ve been taught to do.


You’ve been taught to look outside for your answers.


But, for the most part, that has led you down the wrong path!


It all starts in your mind!  Your best weight loss tool!


Join in on the

“21 Days of Weight Loss Mindset” to create your “new” mind and get set to be successful!



Here’s what you’ll get in this powerful mindset of change program:


  • Tools you can easily use to give you the mindset to lose your excess weight and fat once and for all!

  • 21 days of consistent focus as you create your new mindset.

  • A group of like minded people who want to have the weight loss mindset, too, cheering you on!

  • A place for you to stay accountable to your goal.

  • Coaching tips to assure your success.

  • Guided hypnosis processes to imprint the change into your subconscious mind.

  • The “success mindset” you need to get the results you desire.



You can receive all the above for a mere $3.00 per day, the cost of a cup of coffee at your favorite coffee house.

$63.00  for “21 Days of Weight Loss Mindset”


It’s a no brainer!


Here’s your opportunity to take the best path:

It’s the one that will lead you where you want to go!


Register NOW!


If you join in and participate, I know these things will be true:


You’ll actually have fun creating a new mind for yourself!

You’ll think differently about what path you need to take in order to be your healthiest body and best feeling self.

You’ll take actions based on your new mindset, not on previous programming.

You’ll complete the program with the mindset needed for your successful  weight loss and for a healthier and happier YOU!

Program starts on Tuesday, May 21st at 6:30 PM, PDT.

We’ll meet via phone conference for a total of 7 different dates:

  • Tuesday, May 21st-start date

  • Friday, May 24th,

  • Monday, May 27th,

  • Friday, May 31st

  • Monday, June 3rd

  • Friday, June 7th

  • Monday, June 10th-completion day!

All meeting times will be the same: 6:30 PM, PDT.

All live phone meetings will be recorded for you to listen to later.

In between live phone meetings, you’ll stay on track for creating your new mindset by posting in a special group.

I’m looking so forward to sharing this new and exciting program with you.

I’m especially excited to be supporting you in having the mindset of



Register NOW!

  You’ll be glad you did!

If you need any more information that is not here, please be sure to contact me right away.  I’ll be very glad to answer them!


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