Sunshine in Seattle!

The sun is shining here today in the Seattle area and it’s even suppose to get to 70 degrees-unusual for us this time of the year!

Must say, I’m smiling!  Love that sunshine.  It’s amazing how it influences how I feel as I look out my window from my desk and see the blue sky, how green all the new foliage looks and how inviting bright and sunny is!

More sunshine and brightness to share!

Last month, I shared with you that my husband and I are going to Best Friends’ Animal Sanctuary to volunteer for a few days.

We’re excited as this is happening soon and not only do we get to spend some precious time with those wonderful animals (that alone brings brightness to my heart), we’ll also be in the sunshine of southern Utah. From there, we’ll drive down to Arizona, where we’re sure to get even more of that bright yellow ball in the sky.

Why am I focused on the sun? You may be wondering….

Well, when you live in Seattle, sunshine is a big deal…until the summer…then after about 6 weeks we’re wondering where the rain is to keep everything green…..funny, we Seattlites are!

But, really, why I’m focused on the sun is because I know when I do, I feel good.

When I feel good, the world looks brighter, no matter what the weather.

When the world looks brighter, so much more is possible to imagine, to dream of and to actually achieve.

We create our world with our thoughts and feelings and our experiences reflect those very thoughts and feelings within us.

So, let’s get more sunshine into our lives, eh?

In doing so, we open doors, create new neural pathways in our brains….leading us to find new territories we hadn’t explored before.

Life looks different.  Life feels different.  Life is different.  In good and positive ways.

It’s the “Sunshine Mindset”!

I love supporting people in having their own “sun” shine within them so they can have the life they truly desire: to feel good, to feel positive and most importantly, to be connected to their “real” selves.

When we connect to who we really are, we have a higher perspective, find solutions to problems easier and our lives feel alive, more joyous and more purposeful.


People who attended my “Stress Less to Weigh Less” teleseminar last week shared how much more positive and lighter they felt and how they saw possibilities they didn’t know existed before.
One of the participants expressed how she’d never been able to envision herself as a confident, healthy, successful person in a healthy body before the teleseminar and the processes she experienced.

By the end of the 75 minutes, she had a whole new experience of herself.  She said she almost cried because seeing and feeling herself in that new light was extremely confirming to what she now knew was possible for her.

She had connected into her essence and it opened up all new possibilities for her and for the changes she wanted to make.

Love it!

It’s a new Mindset!

She now has begun cultivating a new mindset, which is different from the same old one that kept taking her down the gloomy path of no possibility of success.
Now she’s going down a much brighter path and can actually see and feel success.

Our mindset is vital to our success-no matter what the goal.

So, as I love supporting people in having their best lives, I’ve created a new exciting program, which addresses the mindset needed for weight loss success:

 “21 Days of Weight Loss Mindset”

 This is a totally new and awesome program that you must partake in if you are serious about finally getting rid of the fat and weight and getting a lot more sunshine into your life!

Check out the details below! 

If this is right for you, jump on in—it’ll be fun, a game changer and will bring brightness to an area that needs lots of light!

Meanwhile, I’ll be taking lots of pictures of those beautiful animals at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary that are looking for the sun to shine on them with any human touch and love.

I’m so looking forward to this experience, I know my “inner sunshine” will be beaming while I’m there!



I’d love to hear your thoughts on your “inner sunshine”, mindset, and volunteering with our animal friends!

Comment below!

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Comments (2)

  • Have a great trip Jackie. Can’t wait to see photos from Best Friends! XO Cheryl

    • Thanks, Cheryl. I’ll be taking lots of them!


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