Spring has sprung! Mother Nature showing her intentions!

Spring has sprung! Mother Nature showing her intentions!

Spring has officially sprung, but we’re definitely getting mixed messages from mother Nature, here in the Northwest.

Last week, we had some fierce winds and rain, temps that dropped and even a bit of hail and snow! Didn’t look very spring like to me.


But then, as I changed my focus, I saw the daffodils blooming their bright yellow faces at me, the tips of green starting to unfurl on the trees, and even some early blooming rhodies are showing their pretty colors around the various neighborhoods.


I’m reminded that Spring really is happening.  All  of Mother Nature’s winter energy gathering-her intention- is coming to fruition. She’s been doing her work “behind the scenes” and it’s ready to be revealed now, even if the weather is sometimes contrary!


 That’s what’s been happening with me personally and in my business as well.  Much has been happening “in the background” and now it’s ready to blossom.


In an earlier ezine, I talked of my husband and I making a declaration to volunteer our time and energy this year.  Well, we’re excited to see our dreams becoming our reality.

He found a place to use his creativity and expertise in an area in his workplace that will benefit seniors who are either isolated or ill.


I’ve connected up with a fabulous organization who provide housing for women, who otherwise would be homeless.  I’m going to be giving group monthly stress relief guidance to support them as they navigate to a better life for themselves.

They are welcoming me and I am honored to be contributing to them from my heart’s passion.


To top it off, my husband and I are both going to spend a few days at my favorite animal rescue sanctuary, “Best Friends” in Kanab, Utah sometime in May!


I’m telling you this, because I want to share with you what happens when you make a commitment from your passion-from your heart.


When you are aligned with what it is you truly want, the energy flows in that direction.  It allows the seeds that were planted to be nourished and nurtured so they actually appear for you to see and experience.


Just like the daffodils that were once bulbs in the ground.  Just like all those tree branches that looked “dead” and are now showing their beauty.


Mother Nature’s goals are showing up because she intended it to happen.  She’s committed to her seasons and the changes of life. The energy flowed in that direction.


She knows no other way.  She expects it to happen.
And it does!

That’s the power of intention!


My husband and I truly want to make a difference in others’ lives, and we are intentional in having that happen.  We have been tending to our “seeds” and we’re now beginning to see the evidence of our energy and focus.

I love how that works!


In my business, I’ve taken on additional training as a Hypno-Coach, as my intention is to provide even more support to you so you can fulfill on your goals and have less stress, more calm and more joy in your life!


It’s my passion to serve by guiding and teaching what I love and know to be true:

Connection to our inner calm and

who we really are,  allows us to connect to our innate brilliance, where we can truly create and live our lives fully engaged being our best healthiest and happiest selves!


In order to achieve what we intend, we first must pull the weeds (habits) of stress that are cluttering or blocking the beautiful garden (who you really are), then cultivate the seeds of calm, confidence and strength to move forward with the goals we set forth for ourselves.


So, to fulfill on my passion, I’ve been in the creative mode, working “behind the scenes”, ready to spring forward!


I’m very excited about some new programs I’ve created that allow you to “pull those weeds of stress” and to know who you really are, so you can blossom to your full potential!


The first one is a must if you have lost your way from your New Year’s Resolution of weight loss.

It’s a FREE tele-seminar you won’t want to miss!


“Stress Less to Weigh Less”


Then in mid-May, I’m launching a completely new program called the “21 Days to Change”series.

Each series will be focused on a different theme.

Please stay tuned, as more information is coming on down the pike-I promise!

So, if you are ready to blossom out this Spring and be who you really are and show your brilliance, I would be honored to support you in doing that and you will be supporting mein fulfilling on my passion!


Get rid of those weeds of stress and grow that beautiful garden of YOU!  It’s the season to grow YOU!


Guiding and supporting you in using your powerful mind to create the change you desire is my passion.  It’s my purpose.  It’s what I do with love and joy.


When you connect in to who you really are by releasing the stressful ways of being, thinking and behaving, you feel better, your life runs more smoothly and people connect with you on a deeper and more joyful level, too!


It’s like looking at those beautiful bright yellow daffodils.  Can’t help but smile and feel good!


I’m so looking forward to continuing and deepening our connection by cultivating my commit to serve you from my heart’s passion.





I’d love to hear what you think about intentions, goals, stress and living the life you love!

Please comment below!

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