Is it A High or Low Priority?

Is it A High or Low Priority?

Oftentimes, when feeling stressed, our minds go into overdrive and everything on the “to do” list can feel like it was suppose to have been done yesterday!

This naturally leads to even more feelings of distress and overwhelm.

Worries will start to creep in and all those “what-if’s” will start dancing around our heads.

What to do?


This is the perfect time to STOP!!

Just shouting in your head STOP!! can give you a moment’s reprieve to regain a bit of balance.

Or you can imagine a STOP sign or even a hand up! Whatever works is fine–just STOP!!!

Take a good deep breath.

Next step: Ask: Is this item/situation/event a high priority or a low priority?

…and allow yourself to tune in and get an answer.

When we STOPBREATHE and ASK, we give ourselves the opportunity to get out of that immediate distressed state and elevate into a better decision state of mind.

This in turn gives us permission to release what really isn’t high priority and to focus on what is, while being in a more workable state of mind.

Another question that goes hand in hand with high or low priority:

Is it (the situation, item, stressor) easy to change or difficult to change?

Take a good deep breath!

Tune in to your inner “knowingness.”

This question puts you in the driver’s seat as you determine if this is something you can change or not.

If you can’t change it or it’s too difficult right now, you can re-direct your energy to something that is easy to change, feels more doable and gets you out of the stress loop!

You’ll feel more in control, which releases the distress, the worries and the anxiety.

Give it a whirl next time you are feeling overwhelmed with your to-do list or events in your life.

Share your experience with this simple STOP, BREATHE & ASK tool.

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