Experience Calm and Joy This Holiday Season

Experience Calm and Joy This Holiday Season

Experience Calm and Joy This Holiday Season:
Taking Tips from Mother Nature
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Do you ever find yourself a bit envious of Mother Nature? The way she flows effortlessly with the seasons, free from the stresses that we as human beings experience on a daily basis? Thankfully, we can use our wonderful human imagination to mirror the natural world around us. This holiday season, engage your imagination in a “daydream” as you give yourself the gift of “quiet time” and become a natural attractor of what you truly desire.

Do you desire calm? Joy? To feel more connected to other human beings? To be enlivened instead of heavy with stress? Whatever you’re looking for, invite yourself to feel that feeling . If you’re too overwhelmed and stressed to access positive emotions, use a memory, a time when you enjoyed such states of being. Get into your experience fully. Notice how your body feels.

As you “practice” this feeling state, you naturally become an attractor of it. By aligning with those healthy positive feelings, you’ll find them by your side as you go shopping, gift buying, partying, and choosing what is important for you this season. You will find that you are in “the flow” and life feels less stressed and more joyful.

Give yourself this experience as December unfolds. Learn for yourself how you can be more like Mother Nature as you go with the flow and feel more at ease, enlivened and joyful this Holiday season.

Find more tips for December ease from my “5 Strategies for Holiday Peace and Joy” article.


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