Welcoming Change, Attracting Well-Being

Welcoming Change, Attracting Well-Being
by Jackie Foskett, CH

As the days get shorter and life’s activities seem to be taking a run in the fast lane, it may seem more challenging to focus on your health and well being. But it’s not as difficult as you may think. By using your powerful inner mind, you can tap into your own innate resources and be prepared in body, mind and spirit for whatever comes your way.

Focus on the Positive
Once again, I refer you to my April 2007 newsletter and a look back on the “Laws of Attraction,” which are always an important element in change and transformation. First ask yourself this question: do you want to continue feeling healthy, energetic, and good about yourself this fall? Chances are you do. If so, follow tip #6 and focus on this desire rather than any worries you may have about encountering illness, stress or self-doubt with the change of seasons.

Use Your Imagination
Now, build on your positive focus by heeding tip #7 and using your imagination. Imagine yourself continuing to exercise, as you make your health and well-being a top priority. Imagine preparing healthy soups you can freeze to make evening meals easier. Imagine how you will feel as you keep your commitment to yourself and how that decision will impact so many other areas of your life.

As Karen Casey states in the title of her book Change Your Thoughts and Your Life Will Follow , I, too, encourage you to use your powerful inner mind to create a life you love.


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