Are you tricking or treating yourself?

Trick or Treat?

Happy Halloween!  Remember how fun it was “once upon a time” to get all dressed up as some character, ring doorbells and sing “Trick or Treat”?


I always loved dressing up, getting bags of candy, smiles from the neighbors and just having a good time.


Where is that little kid now?  Does she or he still get to have time to come out and play? Or, is there too much to do and no time for much fun anymore?


Unfortunately, that is what I hear so often from my clients.  “Too much to do and no time for play”.


So have you been “tricking” yourself into believing it all has to be serious and only lots of hard work?


It’s true, there is a lot to do on a daily basis, and you can bet the “practical” part of you is very intent on making sure you do what needs to get done, isn’t it?  But, the essence of your little child still resides within you and if you don’t allow him or her to get out and play, it can cause some serious unhappiness that can manifest as emotional and physical issues.  (That’s who might be eating all that candy in the trick or treat bowl!!)And, besides, it does the soul good to play and feel good.  Life seems to flow easier when you feel good, wouldn’t you agree?


Wouldn’t you like to give yourself a treat and have some fun?


It’s about living a balanced life.  It’s about laughing, playing, having fun, as well as about doing things, producing results and feeling a great sense of accomplishment.


So, on this Halloween day, be sure to give yourself some fun time, too. And, you might even allow that creative nature within you to creep in and imagine all the things you can do from now on a regular basis that will provide more fun and enjoyment in your life.


After all, if we’re not investing in our own enjoyment and fulfillment in life, how can we be our best to contribute our talents and for others to experience?


Your body, mind and spirit will thrive on this treat of fun and self care you are choosing to give yourself!


Treat yourself to fun, which is part of self caring and you will find the trick to a balanced life!


On a personal note:


I can certainly relate to needing a balanced life.  I had been working intensely on several projects and hadn’t gotten much play time in.  I was almost not going to decorate my house for Halloween, but I could feel my “little girl essence” needed some fun and so I just went and did it. It didn’t take much time and I totally enjoyed doing it and gave my “little girl” some playtime, too! I’ve also been consciously giving myself “self care” on a daily basis.  Guess what?  I feel so much more energized to do what it is I want to do!


Sometimes, it’s the little things that can make a difference in our attitude and how we feel.  I was choosing to get into the playful mood and it worked well.


Now that’s a treat!


Keep me posted on how fun is playing in your life and whether you’re getting tricked or treated!
I’d love to hear frpm you.
Happy Halloween!


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