Welcome to Energy of Spring!

Welcome to Spring!

And a big welcome to all new members of “Mind Matters for Stress Relief” community.

I know so many people, especially all of you in the Midwest and back east are more than ready for spring. Even here in the Northwest, where we don’t get many extremes in temperatures of conditions, we’re always glad to see those blossoms appearing on the trees and shrubs, as well as the various first showings of crocuses, primroses and now the daffodils.

I love the freshness of spring. I love how it shows us how beautifully Mother Nature has worked “undercover” all winter long and is producing great results for all her efforts.

Don’t you think Spring is energizing! I know it energizes me!

Speaking of being energized…my rock climbing efforts are paying off and showing some good results, too. I’m getting more confident and agile in my ability to reach new holds with my hands and feet. I can see this venture as a metaphor for my life. When I embrace something new, it requires me to focus in new ways, as well as to define what it is I want to accomplish and what I want to get out of it.

I’ve learned that there are days when I’m up for a more challenging climb, and other days when I simply want to do easier climbs so I can keep my confidence level up and have fun.  If I push myself too far when I’m really not mentally prepared to do more challenging climbs, I find I’m no longer having fun and I can get discouraged.

It’s a dance I do:  a little bit of challenge one day, then backing off, then going for more at another time. My dance includes being sure I let others know where I’m at, so I get the best support for my goal, which I’ve now clearly defined: learning something new, getting a good workout, being focused on how my body can move/work to climb, hanging out with my husband, and having fun!

I’m seeing this same pattern for myself in the writing of my book right now. Some days I’m ready for the challenge, other days, I need to glide and other times, I’m needing support to keep encouraged.  I am reaching for new heights, though, that’s for sure!

Since my book is on stress and stress relief, you better believe I’m honing in on my own “stressors” and testing out many of my tried and true techniques to get relief, as well as finding new ones—like rock climbing!  I’ll keep you posted on its progress!

Along with the beautiful blossoms of spring, comes the inevitable tax season.  This can be a stressful time for many people.  The whole process of preparing and completing tax returns can be very time consuming and frustrating, especially if you’ve waited until the last minute or have a more complicated situation.

Check out this month’s article for getting some relief for this “taxing” time!

Would love to hear how your spring is blooming out for you and anything else you’d like to add about spring, Mother Nature and life!

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