Happiness Tool #2: Choice

Happiness Tool #2: Choice
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Choosing what and when to celebrate is just one example of the kinds of choices we make in the course of a lifetime. Dan Baker, Ph.D and Cameron Stauth, the authors of the book What Happy People Know , write that “Choice is the father of freedom and the voice of the heart. Having no choice is like being in jail. It leads to depression, anxiety, and helplessness. Happy people choose the course of action or non-action.”

In my work as a hypnotherapist, as well as on the path that I personally travel, I focus on choosing thoughts and feelings instead of blindly following the mind’s habitual patterns. When we choose empowering thoughts or choose not to dwell on negative thoughts, we feel better and life flows easily. We feel less stressed, less anxious, less frustrated, and more in control. What does all this boil down to? Feeling happier . See my quick tips below for ways to use choice as a tool to achieve your own happiness.


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