5 Ways to get the most out of your relaxation time

5 Ways to get the most out of your relaxation time

5 Ways to get the most out of your relaxation time:

  • Focus on your breathing.
    • Choose a comfortable place to sit or lie down.
    • Close your eyes, if you are comfortable doing so to keep out any external distractions.
    • Take in a deep belly breath-let your belly expand….and then slowly release it.
    • You can choose to bring your forefinger and thumb together on one or both hands which signals the body you are relaxing.
    • You might even press them lightly together on the inhale and release them on the exhale.
    • Alternately, place your hands on your heart. Breathe into your heart, as though it were your lungs. Doing this activates the heart’s innate intelligence and brings your heart into a coherent electrical magnetic state. This produces profound feelings of well being.
    • Do any of these breathing techniques or both for at least 5 times-slow deep breath in and slow deep breath out.
    • Now open your eyes and just allow your eyes to gaze dreamily at whatever is in your vision.
    • Stay here for 5 minutes minimum, 10-15 minutes is better.
  • Take a walk out in Nature.
    • Find a park, a trail, a public garden (where you can safely distance yourself with no worries or stresses about it) and simply walk.
    • Walk at an easy pace. This is a relaxing walk, not a power walk.
    • Notice all you notice along your walk. Mindfulness is a gift of Now and what is present before you. Being mindful fills you up with appreciation and gratitude-which are very relaxing for your mind, your body, your emotions and your spirit.
  • Read a book.
    • Give yourself the gift of relaxation time by reading a book you can just relax into.
    • Perhaps read outside on a deck chair.
    • Allow yourself to get absorbed into the story.
    • Read as long as you’d like. Don’t limit your time. Relax and let time disappear!
  • Watch a fun movie.
    • Find a fun, easy movie to watch that will make you laugh or simply feel good.
      • Stay away from the tense, violent, suspenseful ones-they are NOT relaxing!
    • Watch a travel documentary on places you want to learn about, travel to or simply to enjoy the beauty of that environment.
  • Play! Play releases tension, produces endorphins and is exhilarating yet relaxing at the same time. Adults often forget to play!
    • Play with your children-as if you were a child!
      • Run, chase each other, play tag.
    • Play with your furry kids-they’ll love the attention.
      • Throw a ball, play tug with the dog’s toy, pull a string around to intrigue the cat!
    • Play with your spouse/significant other.
      • Play tag, cards, other games.

Bonus Tip: Listen to any relaxing meditation audio, guided hypnosis/visualization audio or any relaxing music that soothes your soul!


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