The Antidote to the Killer of Motivation!

The Antidote to the Killer of Motivation!

Has this ever happened to you?

You feel excited about starting something new, perhaps a new food and exercise plan.

You’re doing well with what you planned for yourself for several weeks-maybe even a couple of months-and then BOOM!

It hits you!

The “I don’t want to do that today/anymore/right now” syndrome.
It happens to all of us at one time or another-or perhaps for some too many times…

And, when it does, it doesn’t feel good.

It provokes unhelpful thoughts and feelings of I’m a failure, I’m not good enough, why can’t I feel motivated like everyone else does, because now you’ve gone down the tunnel of comparing yourself to others who seemingly have it all together and “seem” to never get the “I don’t want to’s.”

No fun, right?

Well, let me tell you about Cathy, a client who wanted support in helping her get rid of the excess weight she’d gained over the last few years.

She was extremely motivated to be successful. She wanted to have more energy, do the things she’d not been able to do for quite some time and travel with ease.

Cathy worked through all the obstacles with my mind coaching and hypnosis processes and succeeded in her goal.

What was most important for her was that she didn’t wait around each day to “feel” motivated.

She took action based on the action plans we devised together with her powerful mind supporting her.

Recently, she called after 2 years of keeping the course. She found she had lost her “motivation.” She said she got “lazy,” which isn’t a great thing to tell oneself…because, what she really lost was her “plan of action.”

It’s not about being lazy. It’s about not following a plan or being in action.

This is the where motivation lives-in having a plan and acting on that plan.

Of course, as I wrote about in my last article on motivation, you need to have a strong “WHY” you are wanting this goal.

Cathy had some very strong Why’s initially and she needed to re-connect to them again.

Once that is in place, along with an action plan, then motivation comes naturally.

Newton’s Law of motion physics addresses this in describing when a body/object is at rest-it stays at rest, until acted upon with force (action). And, once that body is in motion-it stays in motion (motivation).

So, the key to getting motivate, or the antidote to what kills motivation, is to take action (let’s call that a gentle force!) and you will find you are then motivated to keep going.

There’s more to keeping the momentum going, of course, but the first step is knowing WHY you want to do what you say you want to do and second step is to STEP INTO ACTION.

Here’s your chance to get support on this:

My Summertime Mode Special comprises of 2 sessions to jumpstart you into action.

Due to popular demand, I’m extending the original deadline of July 27th til July 29th.

After that, all sessions go back to their regular fees.

This is a great opportunity to save AND get a jumpstart on your goals.

Whether you are wanting to get rid of excess weight, walk more for your health, stop worrying so much about ___________, get rid of all those stressed out feelings, get help with any fear that keeps you stuck, or simply begin a new chapter in your life of upleveling your self care….it’s all possible by using your powerful inner mind.

These 2 sessions can give you the exact jumpstart you need right now to engage that powerful inner mind and get the results you are looking for.

Why wait?

Cathy, began her new revived action plan and is now re-motivated to continue eating and moving in ways that work well for her. She reached out (action), revived her food and exercise plan (action), and now has the mindset to succeed.

If you are need any assistance to get motivated-please give me a call. If this Special isn’t for you, I’ll let you know.

Love this quote:

You are always one choice away from changing your life. By Mac Anderson of Simple Truths

Get your antidote now! Don’t let the toxic effects of no motivation control you.

Choose to change your life in the direction YOU want to go!

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