List Your Strengths

List Your Strengths

List Your Strengths
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Ready to focus on your strengths and trade in fear for a healthy dose of happiness and well-being? Let this exercise be the first step.

Start by sitting quietly for a few minutes and observing yourself. Be present to all the positive aspects of who you are. Maybe you know yourself to be a loyal friend, a fantastic gardener or a loving parent. Maybe you’ve built a successful career or have become a respected leader.

Think about this exercise as coming from your spirit, not your ego. It’s simply about acknowledging who you are. It’s about allowing your inner brilliance to shine. It’s about not allowing yourself to be small, diminished.

Once you’ve observed these positive aspects of yourself, write them down. Then answer the following questions:

– What is unique about your strengths?
– What do you “bring to the party”?
– Who are you with loved ones?
– What are you passionate about?
– What other great things about your strengths come to mind?

Keep your list somewhere you can easily see it. Take time to smile and appreciate (Happiness Tool #1) who you are in your most empowered self! As you go about your daily life and encounter events that may cause you to doubt your own inner brilliance, remember your strengths, remember who you really are.

Enjoy walking down your path of health and well-being with the help of your newly acknowledged strengths, your ability to exercise choice (Happiness Tool #2) and your own personal power (Happiness Tool #3)!


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