Diabetes: 7 Ways Hypnosis Can Help

Diabetes: 7 Ways Hypnosis Can Help

Diabetes: 7 Ways Hypnosis Can Help
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Diabetes is one of the world’s fastest growing diseases, but it doesn’t have to be a losing battle in your own life. Hypnotherapy, along with your doctor’s recommendations and guidelines, can be an effective adjunct tool for preventing and/or managing diabetes. Hypnosis can help:

  • Motivate you to follow your doctor’s treatment plan
  • Create the desire for healthy food choices and good eating habits
  • Inspire you to safely begin and continue exercising
  • Teach you new ways to respond to life’s stresses
  • Improve your memory to aid disease management
  • Stimulate positive thinking to enhance coping skills and self care
  • Decrease anxiety about your condition

If you need support with diabetes, please consider using hypnotherapy to take control of your health and well being. Not only will hypnotherapy enhance your feeling of self control, it will help you access the strength and energy to live your life to its fullest potential.

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  • need help to manage my life and my familys life with no stress anxiety and drepression and finding a job that I will love.


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