How To Get What You Want This Year!

How To Get What You Want This Year!


How’s the beginning of your new year going so far?

Are you excited about what is possible?

Or are you in “wish” mode?

Are you wishing you’ll:

  • Feel less overwhelmed this year?
  • Be more in control of what feels like a chaotic life?
  • Finally not have all that anxiety and unease sitting on your shoulders?
  • Lose that darn 10, 20, 30 pounds you wished you lost last year?
  • Find yourself having more fun and enjoying your life this year?

Wishing and hoping won’t change what you want to change or have happen in this year.

What you need is a plan!

And, a plan starts with creating the vision/desires/goals.

This is different than New Year’s Resolutions!

Do you know that by the end of January, some studies show almost 80% of people who have made New Year’s Resolutions have given up?

Lots of reasons, some being that their “resolutions” were too broad/vague.

Your subconscious mind doesn’t know what to do with “vagueness.”

You need to be specific and you need to take small measurable steps.

First, though, you’ll want to create what it is you want from a place of expansion-not from places of “have to’s” “should’s” or “must’s.”

Here’s a powerful process I use for myself.

  • I sit in a quiet contemplative state and ask myself: What do I want to create/design for myself this year? What is my theme? What are 1, 2 or 3 words that call to me to align with for this year?

This is creating a mindset that allows for possibilities, expansion and change without coming from any ego based push of what I should be doing. It’s coming from the heart and deep inner wisdom.


  • I create intention statements-visions-for various areas of my life, i.e: Health, Relationships, Business, Vacations/Adventures & more
  • I make specific goals relating to those intentions/my vision for each area
  • I make a list of specific inspired actions I can begin to implement.
  • I plan for those actions in my calendar and I check back weekly to see where I’m at and if they need tweaking.

If you are wanting to design your year from this powerful mindset of creation, let’s chat.

Don’t let another month go by with your repeating the same thoughts, feelings and behaviors that have you repeat and be the same you as yesterday and the day before while wishing it could be different.

It can definitely be different, but it takes accessing and using your powerful mind in new ways. Not the same way you did last year.

Why not make 2019 the year you really step into your powerful self-the self that wants and desires to have less anxiety, less stress, overcome those fears and limitations and live a more joyous life?

I’m here to support you in having the mindset you need to create that life. Time moves along. We can never be sure how much we have or what may come onto our paths. So, lean into that place within you that is ready to make the most out of your life. Take the journey that will give you a whole new mindset to make your time and your life the most meaningful and beneficial to you.

FYI: One of my words for 2019 is Growth: My intention: I am growing in supporting more and more people in having lives they love!

Another big word for my theme this year is: Trust: My intention: I am trusting you are done wishing and hoping things will change and trust you will take action to allow your desired changes to happen this year!

Take action-get scheduled for a free Breakthrough the Challenge of Change to get your 2019 changed in ways you may not even have imagined possible…when you step into using your powerful mind.

Let me be YOUR guide in getting you there. I know how to do this and I want help more people grow into their best selves in mind, body and spirit. Be brave! Raise your hand! You can do this-I can help!

Listen to your heart and take the journey for your amazing year!

Tell me about what you want to create for your 2019 below!

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