Spring Letting Go Process

Spring Letting Go Process

I’ve been doing a “letting go” process. It’s based on a Feng Shui practice of letting go of 27 items for 9 days.

The premise of this practice is when you declutter and let go of “things” on a conscious level, you are getting rid of not only the “stuff” but the energetic weight of all that “stuff” that’s been hanging out in your space.

I immediately felt good and lighter upon embarking on this process.

I had old magazines, books, papers, cards, linens and knickknacks, among other things, that were long overdue for a clearing out.

I know it becomes too easy to forget they are even around when they are filed away or pushed to the back of a closet.

But for me, when I consciously decided to tackle 27 items per day, it opened my eyes up to all that I had been holding onto.

What a metaphor for what we unconsciously hold onto, isn’t it?

As everything is energy, including our thoughts, our emotions, even down to our cells, when we let go of the physical “stuff” it’s telling our unconscious mind that it’s ok and it’s safe to let go of what no longer is needed.

At the same time, we’re giving ourselves permission and space for more empowering aspects/things/intentions to come into our lives and our awareness. Those goals we want to achieve, our desire for connection to community, connection to our abundance and whatever else is our heart’s true aspiration now has room to be there!

It’s key to getting unstuck.

It’s key to being mindful of what’s really valuable and important in our lives.

And, it’s key to feeling more freedom, lighter in spirit and empowered to create what it is we really want.

Here’s my story of this letting go process so far:

I was on such a roll when I first got started. I cleaned out my hall closet of lots of little items that had been pushed to the back and  I wasn’t using and just forgot about, really.

I counted how many things I was letting go and I felt so good doing it.

Next day I cleared out a major bathroom drawer and felt myself breathing easy and smiling away!

I continued finding more to release, including old dental hygiene books and papers from a few decades ago! Yes, I admit it, I still had them!

Wow-why had I thought I couldn’t get rid of, recycle, or donate some of these things before? What is it that keeps us holding on to these things?…was a question I pondered.

For me, there were some things I kept thinking I’d use “some day.” Then there were other things I kept “just in case” or “I’m not sure what to do with this.” And, ultimately, most of them were simply forgotten after being stored in some place that wasn’t accessed on a daily basis. It was an eye opener to say the least about how easy it is to accumulate “stuff!”

And, then with being on such a roll for 5 days….I actually forgot to do my process work on day 6! Oops!

So I started all over again.

At first I was disappointed in myself for forgetting, but I quickly reframed it as a positive. Now it meant I’d have 14 days of clearing, not just 9!

And, I have not limited myself to just 27 items. The first few days I did, but then I just kept going, which is especially easy when you are dealing with old papers, notebooks, cards, etc.

As of this writing, I’ve got 2 more days to go to complete my 14 days, but with this new awareness, I’m committed to continuing the process for at least another month.

It feels good to be letting go of things little by little. I feel empowered by being in choice and in control of what leaves my environment.

I’m not doing this from a place of “I should be doing this,”  instead it’s from a light spirited conscious decision to let go, be clear, open and expansive. Try that on for size!

It makes a difference when you know why you are doing something like this. My why is about letting go of what no longer is working or serving me, so I can be open and allow for more empowering experiences in my life.

I feel more “in the flow”  and accessible to my heart and soul’s deeper desires.

I’d like to invite you to explore what it means to you to do a Spring clearing letting go process of 27 items per day for 9 days (or more!).

Try it, you’ll like it, and if nothing else, you’ll have cleared your environment for that refreshing energy of Springtime newness that promises good things to come!

Let me know how it goes!


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