Hypnosis/Hypnotherapy Is Your Awareness Connector for Change

It’s interesting that Stress Awareness Month has been held every April Since 1992. Even though its focus is on increasing the public’s awareness about stress and its health implications, we still need to keep bringing more awareness to this chronic health issue after all these years. If anything, it seems like there are more and more articles, websites, help lines, etc on this very prevalent topic. No doubt, people experienced stress in various forms long before our so called “modern culture” has, yet we are now more entrenched in environments that have us feeling overwhelmed…

April is Chock Full of Awareness Month

Did you know April is a month chock full of “awarenesses?” I didn’t! Until I remembered it is Stress Awareness Month. And, then I researched what else might April bring our awareness to. Well, turns out there are many, but there are three that I feel is important to focus on. Stress Awareness Emotional Overeating Awareness Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) Awareness. All 3 of these can be helped with hypnosis/hypnotherapy. And, all 3 have stress and anxiety as a common denominator. Stress and anxiety almost always trigger and exacerbate emotional overeating and IBS. As we…

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