My Story about my book!

My Story about my book!

You see that picture to your right? Well, that’s been me at times as I’ve written this book on stress relief!

Do you ever feel like this?

Do you ever feel like this?

It’s rather embarrassing to say this, but it’s true. I’ve gotten just a little stressed out during this entire process, which has seemed long, at least to me. I’ve been told many authors take up to 5 years to write a book, but that story didn’t seem to make any difference to me. I often felt like a failure in the book writing/publishing department.

That’s changed now. Yes, I’m getting closer, dare I say perhaps it’ll be published in 2-3 weeks from now, which certainly helps to keep feeling less stressed. Or maybe that’s not the whole story, as there are still quite a few details to get into place before I can say “it’s published.”

What changed is my story: I’ve changed the story I tell myself about my book and this process! My self-talk has changed.

I no longer am willing to tell myself dis-empowering things like: other people write their book and complete it in a weekend, even-what’s wrong with me? I no longer tell the story that I’m a turtle in this department. And, most importantly, I no longer tell myself any story about being a failure in the book publishing department!

Instead, I’ve created new stories. These stories are much more in alignment with having less stress in my life. These stories allow me to choose a better feeling place, instead of defaulting to an old bad feeling story that doesn’t get me anywhere.

So, what are these stories, you may be wondering…..

One of these new stories is: “I’m me and I’m doing this in my way, not someone else’s version.”

Another story is: “It’s taken a longer time  because I’ve chosen to do it that way. I could write, edit, revise 14 hours a day, but I’ve chosen instead to take time out for socializing, playing, exercising, being with my family, watching a movie….all things that enhance my well being and give balance to my life.”


Life in balance!

So, that means I don’t sit at my computer for extended periods of time. I’ve learned that doesn’t work for me anymore. I like to move my body and be physical. I love to be connected to people, not a screen and I love seeing clients and supporting them in changing their stories!

Bottom line: it’s ok for it to take longer than I ever thought it would. When I tell myself that story, when I remind myself it’s ok, I give myself permission to let go of the stress, be in the flow and come from a place of mindfulness and inner peace.

Being mindful feels so much better than being stressed and worried. It’s better for my well being.

Which brings me another story: why I do the work I do and why I decided to write my book.

It’s the story of when I lived in Switzerland….

As a dental hygienist, I learned of the opportunity to work in Switzerland for a Swiss dentist in the early 80’s. So, that’s what I did, after following the many details to have it happen. I went to live and work in Switzerland with a 2 year contract. Even though I took some German lessons before arriving, there was still so much to learn when actually conducting life in another language. It was stressful to say the least.

One of the books I brought along with me was Shakti Gawain’s “Creative Visualization.” Creative Visualization book imageHaving this book made a huge difference in my life. I used the meditations in the book to keep calm and help me create a more smooth flowing transition. It was a great stress relief tool for me. The processes in the book inspired me and led me to what else I wanted to do in my life: support people in using their power of their minds to have the life they truly desire.

So, when I got back to the States 4 years later, living there was some the best years of my life, I began to pursue other career directions. Eventually, I came to hypnotherapy. I love how hypnotherapy provides that opening for others to explore how powerful their minds are and the possibilities the mind can create!

And, as I’ve been in the field of hypnotherapy since 1999, I’ve seen how stress is connected to so many issues people come in to work on and change. I’ve also seen how women tend to take care of everyone but themselves….and thus the title and subject of my book was birthed.

And, to think it all started with Switzerland and using “Creative Visualization.”Switzerland

Stories can be disempowering or empowering and inspiring. I like the inspiring ones, how about you?

What empowering story do you have to tell?

I’m all ears…as are so many others…because as we tell stories that inspire, we create an opening for others to tap into their own powerful and inspiring stories!

Looking forward to hearing!

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  • It’s wonderful to hear how your experiences have inspired you Jackie, and how you can share your ‘human-ness’ with your community. I love that. Writing a book does sound stressful, and I suppose a lot of projects we take on can be – I can’t wait to read your book when it’s ready.

  • Hi Jackie I enjoyed reading your newsletter. Your work, in general, Jackie, is quite
    accomplishment and impressive. You are the impressive one, Jackie. I am proud of you.
    Moreover, reaching out to help people, is a wonderful.

    Best Wishes Mary Jo

    Mary Jo Bookman
    • Hey Mary Jo!
      Thanks for the post and a big thank you to your comments!

      I love reaching out and my intention is to support others in being their best happiest and healthiest selves in mind body and spirit!

      I do hope my book will serve as a catalyst for people to take on being their potentials, instead of letting stress rule the roost! 🙂

  • Congratulations! Hope to obtain a copy and may find it useful in my practice. How can I obtain a copy??
    Don’t talk about the heat we have had enough of that and the problems it brings. Keep cool and best wishes.

    Frank Gerner
    • Hi Frank,
      Thanks for the post!

      Regarding getting a copy of the book: As soon as it is published…or ready to be, I will be sending out all the details on how to obtain a printed and e-book version!

      Yes, we are looking forward to a bit of cooling down here, too.

      Be well!


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