Finding Joy During the Holidays-Even During the Pandemic

Finding Joy During the Holidays-Even During the Pandemic

To say this has not been a “normal” year is an understatement!

And now we have the holidays starting with Thanksgiving in the U.S. and on through the New Year.

If you are feeling overwhelmed about how to celebrate the holidays this year, disappointed that they can’t be what you hoped they would be, depressed because you’ll be missing loved ones and friends for intimate gatherings, you need to sign up for this free webinar!

It’s happening on Tuesday, November 24th at 4 PM PT

You will get some very needed “relief” from all the heavy emotions you’ve been feeling.

You will learn strategies, along with simple yet effective tools, to connect you into a state of being that is full of joy and peace.

And you’ll experience some powerful mind shifts that will support you throughout the entire holiday season and land you into a New Year with so much more positive energy and ready for whatever the new year brings.

My passion is support others in knowing and using, the power of their authentic selves, their minds, and their spirits to live their best lives! Even during a pandemic!

I’d be honored to gift you this experience on this webinar.

Please join me by registering on link below.

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