Create Your New Year

by Jackie Foskett, CH

Instead of shaping a brighter 2007 by listing goals and to-dos, try an infinitely more effective technique—using the power of your imagination to engage your right brain’s creativity. Business and Leadership Consultant Rita Hovakimian, owner of the San Francisco-based Inspiring Success, engages the right brain to spark life changes (a hypnotherapy technique) in her annual Design Work workshop.

Imagine how you want your life to be in various aspects of your life:
Imagine feeling vibrant and healthy, free of excess weight and enjoying renewed energy. Imagine choosing foods that nourish you, keep you satisfied, and allow freedom in your relationship with eating. Imagine moving your body in ways that keep it feeling good and energized, while naturally burning extra calories. Imagine how good it feels to be in your healthy and vital body.

Notice that this exercise invites you to image what you want (not what you don’t want). In doing so, you mirror the Universal Law of Attraction: as our thoughts are energy and what we focus on expands (as in gratitude), you therefore create or draw to you what you need to fulfill your vision.

Keep this powerful exercise in mind throughout 2007, using it to enhance all areas of your life, such as:

Career or job
Primary relationship
Relationships with family
Relationships with friends
Play time/vacation time
Personal growth
Contribution to the world


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