A Simple Gratitude Practice

A Simple Gratitude Practice
by Jackie Foskett, CH

How do you incorporate gratitude into YOUR life? Bonnie McFarland recommends a daily gratitude practice and I do, too. I encourage many of my clients to use a daily focus on gratitude to shift their thoughts from what is not working to what is. The result? Immediate access to positive feelings and acceleration in desired changes. Here are some ways to start a daily gratitude practice:

Start with a gratitude list
Bonnie suggests taking 5-30 minutes to write down anything and everything that you are grateful for. Notice how your feelings become more positive as you continue writing and appreciating all that is good in your life. You might notice you feel lighter, more serene, more joyful.

Journal your gratitude daily
Now that you’ve compiled your initial gratitude list, take time each day to focus on what you are thankful for. In the morning or evening, sit for a few minutes and write down everything that has brought you joy. “Big” things such as a house, your job, your children are great, but don’t forget the small, everyday wonders: the delicious lunch you ate, your fabulous new toothbrush, etc… You get the picture.

You can look forward to a gratitude practice as an oasis of positivity in your day. As your practice deepens, gratitude will naturally begin to infuse all areas of your life, opening you to the gifts of a new year.


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