The Benefits of Gratitude

The Benefits of Gratitude
by Jackie Foskett, CH

Perhaps the best—and most effective—way to begin the new year is with a healthy dose of gratitude. Why? According to Bonnie McFarland, a Seattle-based Clarity Coach and owner of La Bella Via, what we focus on expands. Focusing on the things we’re unhappy with, for example, reaps dissatisfaction. On the other hand, turning our attention toward that which fulfills us, brings us joy, and inspires creativity will invite happiness to take root and blossom in our lives.

In her recent newsletter, Bonnie writes that psychologists, spiritual teachers, writers, and researchers say that gratitude can:

  • Increase your energy and optimism
  • Shift your focus to what has gone well or delighted you
  • Help you not take things for granted
  • Make you more resilient to life’s hassles and stress
  • Encourage your satisfaction with life
  • Increase your compassion
  • Enrich your experience of life
  • Increase your happiness and well being
  • Improve your health

Ready to experience the benefits of gratitude in your own life? Try the daily practice outlined below.


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