More from Jackie-Complete 2012 to Create and Design 2013!

More from Jackie-Complete 2012 to Create and Design 2013!

Complete 2012-Create & Design 2013 Process

This is a modified version of a process I’ve been doing for several years now.

It has made a huge difference in how I “do” my life and my business!


If you want to feel complete with the previous year without hanging on to stressful thoughts of what didn’t get done and you want to have new and inspired energy for the new year, do this process.

When you take the time to do this, you are putting yourself at the helm of your life.
You are taking charge!
And being in charge of your life always feels good and creates inner peace and harmony!


Although this process may appear quite simple, it’s really very powerful.  You’re setting the tone for being the “creator” of your life.  When you review the past year, you get to fully acknowledge your role in all you are celebrating from last year.

And, as you create and design this year, you will bring the energy of intention, at both the conscious and unconscious level, into your life!


Now, that’s powerful.


Be sure to have pen and a notebook available.

Read all the way through first, then get started.


A powerful process in a nutshell:


Spend time reflecting on last year’s accomplishments.

You can do this by simply sitting quietly and focusing on last year’s successes!


Use a gratitude journal (write it down!) to appreciate all you did and who you were last year!

Example: I am grateful for all my travels last year. I appreciate how it allowed me to get out of my routine and experience new places and new things.

The second part to what you are grateful for emphasizes why it was important to you!


You may want to focus on various areas of your life as you reflect on your successes and what you are grateful for:

Family life, recreation, health, business/career, relationships, spirituality, education, growth and development.


Soak it all in!

Make sure you really acknowledge what you’ve done, where you’ve been and who you were being! Focus on the joy you feel seeing written down all you succeeded in!


Declare 2012 complete!


Imagine your new year! 

Onward-take some meditative time to imagine how you want your new year to be.

One way to do this, is to start from December of 2013….and look back at all you did, who you were being, how you felt.

Again, you may decide to separate out the various areas of your life and begin envisioning how you want each one to be—what you want to do, accomplish and have.


Write it all out or even do a “Vision Board”-using pictures to tell your story.

Be sure to write in why it’s important to you.  When you have whatever it is at the end of 2013, what does it give you? More peace, more love, more money, more happiness/joy?


You want to attach a reason to motivate you to actually have what you say you want!


Make a step by step inspired action plan!

From here, you can devise a step by step plan. Visions require actions, too. Inspired actions produce the best results. If it’s drudgery, it’ll stress you out and you won’t want to continue on that path.


Have fun using your imagination to create your life in 2013.

There is still lots and lots of time left, the first month is still not over.  And, it’s never too late to design your life with more inspiration, ease and joy!   


If you’d like support in having the mindset for a more meaningful, inspired and much less stressed 2013, I’d be happy to guide you through a more in depth process using your powerful mind!

Contact Healing Hypnotherapy: 425-227-8210

Here’s to your best year yet!


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