Love from your heart!

Happy Valentine’s Day!

I wish for you a day filled with love generated from within.  As you feel the love within you, others naturally “get” it, too!

Show your appreciation and love of yourself by taking good care of you today with this simple exercise.

Take a moment to stop and smell the “virtual” roses by taking some good deep breaths.  Focus your attention on your heart.

Placing your hand or hands on your heart…continue to breathe slowly and easily.

Release and relax with each breath…and think of love.

Feel love come in with each breath you take and everytime you exhale, imagine that love flowing out to others in your life….and perhaps into the Universe in general.

Do this several times during the day and…..keep your focus on love.

… and notice what happens!

Share your experience!  We all need and thrive on love, by sharing your experience on my blog, you’ll get to send more love out there to others.
Now, that’s a worthy trend!

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.
Thomas Carlyle


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You deserve to be free of the stress that is keeping you from feeling your best emotionally, physically and spiritually.
Get Relief NOW can show you how to get the love you need to make the changes in your life that you desire!

Treat yourself to a “Special Valentine”  made just for you!

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